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Operation - Uniden MC 800 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Basic Operation
Basic operation of MC800 is easy to learn. Use the following exam-
ples to guide you.
the Power on
The unit is initiated at the 0 - 120 feet depth range with the 5th gain
level and 6th sweep speed under the manual operation.
Setting the AUTO mode
To set this operating mode, simply press the AUTO key. To return to
manual mode, press the AUTO key again. While in AUTO mode, the
word 11 A UTO" is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Setting the Depth range
To set the operating range to the 0' - 60' range:
Press the Range button. Use the A. and/or V keys until you see dis-
played in the right side of the screen.
Setti ng the Zoom range
initiate this mode, press the Zoom key once, and the vertical
zoom cursor will appear on the right side of the scr~en. Set the de-
sired Zoom range by moving the cursor with the A.and V, then press
the Zoom key again. The Zoom range scales appear with a digital
numeric display, Zoom mode starts, and an expanded (zoomed)
chart appears over the whole
of the
screen. The Zoom range is nor-
mally set to 15
but can be changed
in 1 foot
increments. You
can also change the Zoom setting while in the Zoom mode by press-
ing the Zoom key, and
either the A. or V keys to change the
Zoom position.
Setting the Sweep Speed
To set the display sweep speed, first press the Sweep key (which will
freeze the display), and
use the A. and V keys to adjust the
sweep to the desired speed.
sweep speed is displayed on the
Sweep Bar Graph at the bottom
of the
display. There are eight pos-
sible settings
for the
Sweep speed.
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Table of Contents