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Uniden MC 800 User Manual page 16

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Installation- Transom
Installation of the transom mounted type of transducer is illustrated
below. Ideally, the transducer should be mounted so that the face of
the transducer is perpendicular with the sea bottom. On boats with
one propeller, the transducer should be mounted at least 15 inches
(400mm) either side of the centerline to minimize the effects of
turbulence. Depending on the direction of rotation of your propeller,
the transducer should be mounted either of the left or to the right of
the propeller. (see drawing below). When installed, the tilt angle of
the transducer should be less than 10° for maximum efficiency.
Once you have determined the best possible mounting location, pro-
ceed as follows:
Check to make sure that the transducer and bracket are correct-
ly assembled (see below)
If necessary, adjust the bracket angle to conform to the angle
(rake) of the transom.
. Verify that the face of the transducer is within 10° of horizon-
. Mark and install the transducer/bracket assembly to the tran-
som with screws.
Use caution when installing the screws for the mounting bracket so
as not to breach the integrity of the hull. It may be necessary to in-
stall backing plates, etc. to be able to mount the transducer.
Transducer Mounting - CCW Propeller Rotation
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Table of Contents