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Uniden MC 800 User Manual page 23

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Setting the Gain
To set the Gain:
Press the Gain key.
Then, use the A and/or V buttons to set the gain to the desired level.
The gain should normally be set to the highest possible level without
objectionable interference on the display. The setting of the gain
control is shown on the bar graph on the top of the display. The
minimum setting is displayed as one dot on the graph, and the maxi-
mum is displayed as eight dots.
Silencing the Audio Alarms
To disable the alarm, simply press the Reset button. To reenable the
audio alarm, press the Reset button again.
When the audio alarm is disabled, you will get NO audible alert re-
gardless of any other setting. Use caution when the audio alarm is
Setting the Shallow Alarm
To set the Shallow Alarm:
Press the AIm S key.
Then, use the A and/or V buttons to set the alarm to the desired
The setting of the shallow alarm is displayed on the bar graph on the
right side of the display. When the alarm is set, a black bar will ex-
tend down from the top of the display to the depth that it is set at.
If the unit gets an echo that is shallower than the setting, the audible
alarm will sound.
To silence the Shallow Alarm:
Press the Reset button.
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Table of Contents