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Uniden MC 800 User Manual

Lcd fishfinder
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MC 800 LCD Fishfi



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  Summary of Contents for Uniden MC 800

  • Page 1 MC 800 LCD Fishfi p" --~---...
  • Page 2 Controls and Functions - Cont'd MC800 Indicator Unit - Controls. Features MC 800 Indicator Unit - Display. Installation - Indicator Unit. Installation - Indicator Unit - 2 .." ..
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents AnchorWatch Contour Navigation Interpreting Screen Pictures - 1 Interpreting Screen Pictures Interpreting Screen Pictures Interpreting Screen Pictures - 4 ....Interpreting Screen Pictures Interpreting Screen Pictures Interpreting Screen Pictures Interpreting Screen Pictures...
  • Page 4: Welcome

    Welcome! to the world of high tech marine electronics. Your Uniden MC 800 represents the finest in LCD Fishfinding technology. It's Super Twist Nematic Liquid Crystal Display gives you the clearest, easiest to see display in LCD Fishfinders today. And, the display won't "wash out"...
  • Page 5 Controls and Functions 1. Power On/Off and Simulation On/Off Key - This key is used to turn the unit on or off, and to begin the simulation mode. Press once to turn the power on, press again to turn the power off. Press and for more than 2 seconds when turning the power on hold...
  • Page 6: Controls And Functions - Cont'd

    Controls and Functions-Cont'd 9. Display Sweep Speed Key with Freeze mode - The Sweep button is used to control the speed at which the display moves across the screen to compensate for boat speed. You can also freeze the display for closer examination of interesting underwater features.
  • Page 7 Controls 'and Functions-Cont's 14. Zoom - This control is used with the A, V, and Reset keys to set the Zoom range. To initiate this mode, press the Zoom key once, and the vertical zoom cursor will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • Page 8: Mc800 Indicator Unit - Controls

    MC 800 Indicator Unit-Controls [! !J fJ _..::.::.:~-~:.=.:~'::'-~ l!il!!1 ,'I a"': !:::' a? ri r'! \,' 1"1' I:::a a,..i GAIN ALMIZOOM .. , '" I =': : , ... : ..': ...a , a" a" !: . ,. =.: i! 1.1::11:1 lili!iH 'a..' ..aal ,...
  • Page 9: Features

    Features The Uniden MC800 has a large number of features that make it easy to use. These are: . Automatic Operation . Shallowand Deepalarmswith on-screengraphs Audible Fish Alarm Variable Sweep Speeds Adjustable Gain Digital Depth Display Digital Range Display Display Freeze...
  • Page 10: Mc 800 Indicator Unit - Display

    MC 800 Indicator Unit-Display ":mmmmm r':': :': :': :: Mf:': 02611 ! .., ...';..' ,'-I:.., -:111 :..:,," ,'I:!, : :..., '.., :..., '..,'...' D1, Surface Water Temperature D2, Gain Bar Graph D3, Shallow Alarm Bar Graph D4. Zoom Cursor D5, Deep Alarm Bar Graph...
  • Page 11 18 inches of your com- pass. Warning Uniden does not represent this unit to be waterproof. To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not mount this unit where it may be exposed to rain or spray.
  • Page 12 To mount the unit with the gimbal base mount Unit-2 -°""-""'00' [i[i,n,-"c::.:':::;.:~~:'::ii"iiS LJ2[J ,,-1- ';, "j!" "~:r ,; "'. !I"'" "LI:II] 'j,- ,... ~ ':T'::::' ,:J",IU' 11111111 Ceiling Mount MC800 L C D @' ( fuD @ ' 'G5'@@ CD(D'GS' uniden...
  • Page 13: Installation - Indicator Unit

    Installation-Indicator Unit-3 Side Wall Mount On-Dash Mount -10 -...
  • Page 14 InstaIlation- Connecti ngPower The MC 800 will work with any ship's 12 volt nominal (see specifications for more details) nished to a DC source capable of supplying current. The power leads should normally power distribution panel (on larger boats) or directly main circuit breaker (on smaller boats).
  • Page 15: Installation-Transducer-General

    Installation-Transducer-General, Transducer The MC 800 is designed to work with either a transom mount type 200 KHZ transducer, or a thru-hull mount 200 KHz transducer. The transducer element is that portion of the system that converts the electrical pulse from the sounder into a sound wave which is transmitted downward to the bottom and returned as an echo.
  • Page 16 Installation- Transom Installation of the transom mounted type of transducer is illustrated below. Ideally, the transducer should be mounted so that the face of the transducer is perpendicular with the sea bottom. On boats with one propeller, the transducer should be mounted at least 15 inches (400mm) either side of the centerline to minimize the effects of turbulence.
  • Page 17: Installation - Transom Mount

    Installation.-Transom Mount TRANSDUCER Transducer Mounting - CW Propeller Rotation 5° - 10° ANGLE Mounting Bracket and Transducer Mounting the Bracket and Transducer to the Hull...
  • Page 18: Installation - Thru-Hull Mount

    Installation-Thru-Hull Mount Drill a hole in the bottom the stem of the transducer. transducer and to waterproof fairing block located beneath the hull, you can reduce the amount of drag on your boa't. This is the best mounting performance from your system, however, there are also disadvantages to this type of mount, such as: Damage can be caused to the transducer and/or hull when load- ing or unloading your boat from a trailer.
  • Page 19: Installation - Wet Box Mount

    On planing hulls, make sure that the transducer is mounted over an area that is always submerged. A transom mount transducer may also be used. If you use this type of mounting with your MC 800, you will have to add an external temperature sensor to obtain water temperatures. TRANSDUCER...
  • Page 20 Installation-Direct In this mounting method, the transducer is mounted directly to the hull. At the location you have selected for mounting, apply epoxy or air-free silicone rubber cement to the hull and to the face of the transducer. Roll the transducer into place, making sure that there are no air bubbles.
  • Page 21 Insta lIati on A 24' (7 meter) length supplied with each transducer and sensor assembly, and normally should not be shortened or lengthened. If only a short cable run is required, it is recommended that the excess be coiled and stored out of the way.
  • Page 22: Operation

    Operation Basic Operation Basic operation of MC800 is easy to learn. Use the following exam- ples to guide you. the Power on Turning The unit is initiated at the 0 - 120 feet depth range with the 5th gain level and 6th sweep speed under the manual operation. Setting the AUTO mode To set this operating mode, simply press the AUTO key.
  • Page 23 Operation-Conti Setting the Gain To set the Gain: Press the Gain key. Then, use the A and/or V buttons to set the gain to the desired level. The gain should normally be set to the highest possible level without objectionable interference on the display. The setting of the gain control is shown on the bar graph on the top of the display.
  • Page 24 0 perati on -Conti n ued Setting the Deep Alarm To set the Deep Alarm: Press the Aim D key. Then, use the /\ and/or V buttons to set the alarm to the desired depth. The setting of the deep alarm is displayed on the bar graph on the right side of the display.
  • Page 25 Operation -Continued. Using the Simulator Mode The simulator mode can be used to help you become familiar with the controls and operation of your MC800. To start the simulator mode: VVhenturning the unit on, press and hold the Power key for approxi- mately 2 seconds.
  • Page 26: 'Anchor Watch

    'Anchor Watch The shallow and deep alarms of the MC 800 make it the ideal com- panion for an anchor watch. Simply set the alarms to the required depths, make sure that the audio alarm is turned on, and your MC 800 will sound the alert if your anchor drags.
  • Page 27: Contour Navigation

    The MC 800's shallow and deep alarms are also useful for contour navigation. By setting the alarms for the maximum and minimum depths you wish to remain between, the MC 800 will alert you if you stray from this. This feature is particularly useful for fishing near continental shelves and other drop oHs, since your MC 800 will alert when you drift away from the best fishing waters.
  • Page 28: Interpreting Screen Pictures

    Interpreting Screen Pictures-1 The Super Twist Nematic Liquid Crystal Display of your MC 800 gives you sharp, clear, easy to read pictures of what's below. To help you interpret what you see, refer to the following section for some examples of typical things you may encounter.
  • Page 29: Interpreting Screen Pictures

    'Interpreting Screen, Pictures-2 GAIN- ALMIZOOM ......... ii.i " .... i.ii.i .... :.::::m.::m:.:.::m::m::::.m:m:m:::: ! i;:n ..'...::...: -SWP- Gain Setting Too High...
  • Page 30: Interpreting Screen Pictures 3

    Interpreting Screen Pictures-3 ....i--..m.. m......ALMIZOOM GAIN ......
  • Page 31: Interpreting Screen Pictures-4

    Interpreting Screen Pictures-4 ....Soft bottom ::m::iii Soft and Hard Bottom Echoes !:i i:i . [i Echo from Underwater ALMIZOOM GAIN ..........a:: [ 5 .:i:.
  • Page 32: Interpreting Screen Pictures - - 5

    Interpreting Screen Pictures-5 " , , " mm"" -::' ::'::'5 :5:5:':'::'5::5' :55':5'::':::5:::':' 5: .., ... , " ..,.. , ., , ..,... " . , ,. ,. ..,..., ,., , ..., .. Thermocline :!;:=: :m: :"': :::: 5..,5 Note: A thermocline is the boundary region between layers of water of different densities caused by a difference in temperature.
  • Page 33: Interpreting Screen Pictures - 6

    Interpreting Screen Pictures-6 m m... m ....Bottom Echo (First Reflection) First and Second Reflection Echoes ..m m... GAIN ALMIZOOM .... m m ..
  • Page 34: Interpreting Screen Pictures - 7

    Interpreting Screen Pictures- 7 !:i I:! ..:::..i. 1...1 ALMIZOOM GAIN m.:::.:::.:::.:::.:::.:::.:::'::: I. .. ;"" . .1. mm..m... '" m... m....a:! 1.1 i:1 iiiilill -SWP- Zoom set, but not on ALMIZOOM GAIN ...
  • Page 35: Interpreting Screen Pictures 8

    Interpreting DDM (Digital Display Mode) Screen Picture~o-~ ALMIZOOM GAIN ..............
  • Page 36: Specifications

    Specifications General Dot Matrix Graphic Super Twist Nematic Display type Liquid Crystal Display Tactile Feedback Membrane Keypad Keypad 12V DC nominal Power Operational Depth Ranges 0'-15',0'-30',0'-60',0'-120',0'-240' Transducer Frequency Output Power 160W P-P (20W RMS) for 0'-15' and 0'-30' ranges 520W P-P (65W RMS) for all other ranges Alarm Ranges Shallow - 3 to 480 feet Deep - 480 to 3 feet Zoom Width...
  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooti n9 Problem: Unit will not operate 1. Check power cord in-line fuse. 2. Check power connections. 3. Check if unit is turned on. 4. Check battery supply voltage. Problem: Unit causes Interference with radio reception - Connect the power cable to a different circuit than the radio. 2.
  • Page 38: Warranty

    Warranty Registration Card is not a precondition and this warranty will be the Warranty Registration Card is returned, factory evidence of the CORPORATION UNIDEN warrants, for the duration This warranty shall terminate and be of while this warranty is in OR PAYMENT OF INCIDENTAL states...
  • Page 39: Warranty-Cont'd

    TY: In the event that the Product does not conform to this warranty, the Product should be shipped or delivered, freight prepaid, to war- rantor at UNIDEN Customer Service Center, 9340 Castlegate Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46256 with evidence of original purchase.
  • Page 40 1. 0 Mr. 2. 0 Mrs. 5. First Name 8. Street 10. City 13. Date of Purchase this the first Uniden LCD Fishfinder you have purchased or received as a gift? 0 Yes 0 No 16.lf No, please specify brand and model number pruchased.
  • Page 41 D Popular Science D Popular Mechanics D Consumer Reports D People 1987 Uniden Corporation of America . - - - - - - i ~~t;~~ti~-";s':- F ili '~~t 'b~;h overlap and seal with glue or paste. Affix postage and mail. uniden@...
  • Page 42 6345 Castleway Court Indianapolis, IN 46250 Printed in Japan...