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5.4.2 Removing the pinch pipe
Remove the pinch pipe only when the internal gas is completely drained as shown on
the below instructions.
If gas still remains inside, the piping may crack if you melt the brazing filler metal of the
junction area with a burner.
Before connecting the piping, remove the pinch pipe in accordance with the following
1) Verify that the liquid
2) Cut the end of the liquid
side and gas side 3-way
side and gas side pinch
valves are closed.
pipe and vent the gas
inside the pinch pipe.
3-way valves
End of pinch pipes
Pinch pipes
5.4.3 Pipe connection
Seal the pipe route hole with putty (locally purchased) such that there are no gaps.
Small insects or animals that are trapped in the outdoor unit may cause a short circuit in
the electrical component box.
To prevent pipe damage; do not make sharp bends.
Bend the pipe at a radius of 2-3/4 in (70 mm) or greater.
Do not bent pipe many times at same part to prevent break.
After completing all the pipe connection by brazing, perform the indoor unit pipe connec-
tion with a flare joint.
When removing the pinch pipe or brazing the joint pipe, carry out the work while cooling
down the 3-way valve sufficiently.
• Braze the joint pipe onto the 3-way valves at the liquid and gas side. Install the joint pipe
appropriately so that it can be connected easily with the main pipe.
• Braze the joint pipe at the liquid and gas side with the main pipe.
* Be sure to supply nitrogen when brazing.
Connection example
Front connection
Liquid pipe
Gas pipe
(locally purchased)
Joint pipe A (72, 96 model), Joint pipe A-L (120 model)
Joint pipe B (72, 96 model), Joint pipe B-L (120 model)
Joint pipe C (72, 96 model)
5.4.4 Handling precautions for the valves
• Mounted part of Blank cap is sealed for protection.
• Fasten blank cap tightly after opening valves.
Operating the valves
• Use a hexagon wrench.
Liquid valve: size 4 mm, Gas valve: size 8 mm.
(1) Insert the hexagon wrench into the
valve shaft, and turn it counterclock-
(2) Stop turning when the valve shaft can
no longer be turned. (Open position)
(1) Insert the hexagon wrench into the
valve shaft, and turn it clockwise.
(2) Stop turning when the valve shaft can
no longer be turned. (Closed position)
3) After all the gas is vented,
melt the brazing filler
metal on connecting part
using a torch and remove
the pinch pipe.
Bottom connection
Gas pipe
Liquid pipe
(locally purchased)
Hexagon wrench
(blank cap
Gas pipe


6.1. The precautions of electrical wiring

Wiring connections must be performed by a qualified person in accordance with speci-
The rated supply of this product is 60 Hz, 208/230 V of 3-phase. Use a voltage within
the range of 187 to 253 V.
Make sure to perform earthing (grounding) work. Improper earthing (grounding) work
can cause electric shocks.
Before connecting the cables, make sure the power supply is OFF.
We suggest installing GFEB breakers or follow local electrical code. When installing
this system, install using ground fault equipment breakers (GFEB) to reduce the risk of
leaking current which may result in electric shock or potential fire.
Be sure to install a breaker of the specified capacity. When selecting breaker, please
comply with the laws and the regulations of each country. One breaker must be installed
on the power supply of the outdoor unit. Wrong selection and setup of the breaker will
cause electric shock or fire.
Do not connect AC power supply to the transmission line terminal board.
Improper wiring can damage the entire system.
Connect the connector cord securely to the terminal.
Faulty installation can cause a fire.
Make sure to secure the insulation portion of the connector cable with the cord clamp. A
damaged insulation can cause a short circuit.
Never install a power factor improvement condenser. Instead of improving the power
factor, the condenser may overheat.
CAUTION - Risk of Electric Shock
Before servicing the unit, turn the power supply switch OFF. Then, do not touch electric
parts for 10 minutes due to the risk of electric shock.
Always use a separate power supply line protected by a circuit breaker operating on all
cables with a distance between contact of 1/8 in (3 mm) for this unit.
Do not modify power cable, use extension cable or branch wiring. Improper use may
cause electric shock or fire by poor connection, insufficient insulation or over current.
Use ring terminals and tighten the terminal screws to the specified torques, otherwise,
abnormal overheating may be produced and possibly cause serious damage inside the
Securely install the electrical box cover on the unit. An improperly installed service
panel can cause serious accidents such as electric shock or fire through exposure to
dust or water.
If the supply cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
The primary power supply capacity is for the air conditioner itself, and does not include
the concurrent use of other devices.
Connect the power cables in positive phase sequence. If there is a missing phase con-
nection, the unit will not operate normally.
Do not use crossover power supply wiring for the outdoor unit.
If the electrical power is inadequate, contact your electric power company.
Install a breaker in a location that is not exposed to high temperatures.
If the temperature surrounding the breaker is too high, the amperage at which the
breaker cuts out may decrease.
This system uses an inverter, which means that when used with a ground fault breaker
you must use breakers that can handle harmonics such as a (GFEB) Ground Fault
Equipment Breaker (100 mA or greater) in order to prevent malfunctioning of ground
fault device.
When the electrical switchboard is installed outdoors, place it under lock and key so that
it is not easily accessible.
Never bundle the power supply cable and transmission cable, remote control cable to-
gether. Separate these cables by 2 in (50 mm) or more. Bundling these cables together
will cause miss operation or breakdown.
Always keep to the maximum length of the transmission cable. Exceeding the maximum
length may lead to erroneous operation.
The static electricity that is charged to the human body can damage the control PC
board when handling the control PC board for address setting, etc.
Please keep caution to the following points.
Provide the grounding of Indoor unit, Outdoor unit and Option equipment.
Cut off the power supply (breaker).
Touch the metal section (such as the unpainted control box section) of the indoor or
outdoor unit for more than 10 seconds. Discharge the static electricity in your body.
Never touch the component terminal or pattern on the PC board.

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