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6.2. Knockout hole

Be careful not to deform or scratch the panel while opening the knockout holes.
After opening the knockout hole, remove the burr on the edges to prevent snapping of
It is recommended to apply rust proof paint on the edges to prevent rust.
Knockout holes are provided in front and lateral sides for wiring.
Ø 1-3/8
Ø 7/8

6.3. Selecting power supply cable and breaker

Obtain the distribution network operator's agreement about the power capacity of the
power supply system and specifi cation of the cable. when you connect the outdoor unit
with the power supply.
Regulation of wire size and circuit breaker diff ers from each locality, please refer in ac-
cordance with local rules.
• Select the power cable type and size in accordance with relevant local and national regu-
• Make sure the specifi cations for local wiring power cable and branch wiring are in compli-
ance with local code.
• Select the correct cable type and size according to the country or region's regulations.
• Use copper conductors only.
• Max. wire length: Set a length so that the voltage drop is less than 2%. Increase the wire
diameter when the wire length is longer.
Selecting power supply cable and breaker when connecting single outdoor unit.
Refer to the table for the breaker specifi cations of each installation condition.
38 A
39 A
47 A
MCA: Minimum Circuit Ampacity
MAX. CKT. BKR: Maximum Circuit Breaker
• Select the appropriate breaker of the described specifi cation according to the national or
regional standards.
• Select the breaker that enough load current can pass through it.
In case of connected outdoor unit
Breaker 1: Ground Fault Equipment Breaker (GFEB)
Breaker 2: Maximum Circuit Breaker (MAX. CKT. BKR)
Transmission cable
208/230 V
3ø 60 Hz
Breaker 2
Breaker 1
Outdoor unit power
supply cable
Unit: in (mm)
Ø 1-3/8
Ø 7/8
40 A
100 mA
0.1 sec or less
50 A
208/230 V 1ø 60 Hz
Indoor unit
power supply
Breaker 1
Breaker 2
Remote controller cable

6.4. Transmission line

Caution when wiring cable:
When stripping off the coating of lead wire, always use the exclusive tool such as a
wire stripper. If there is no exclusive tool available necessarily, carefully strip the coat-
ing by a cutter etc. so that the conductive wire is not damaged.
If it is damaged, it may lead to an open circuit and a communication error.
Pay attention to the following points while attaching wires on the terminal board.
• Do not attach 2 wires on one side.
• Do not twist wires.
• Do not cross the wires.
• Do not shorted at edge at root.
1 wire
2 pcs at one side
2 wires
6.4.1 Transmission wiring specifi cations
Follow the specifications below for the transmission cable.
22 AWG
Transmission cable
(0.33 mm²)
Twisted pair with shielded type.
Use the shielded wire specified and always ground it both end.
6.4.2 Wiring rules
(1) Total length of transmission cable
Total transmission line length: MAX 11,811 ft (3,600 m)
EF + EG + GH + HJ + HK + KL < 11,811 ft (3,600 m) (Fig.2)
In the following cases, Signal Amplifier is required.
When the total length of the transmission line exceeded 1,640 ft (500 m).
AB + BC + BD > 1,640 ft (500 m) (Fig.1)
When the total number of units* is over 64.
Transmission line length between each unit* ≥ 1,312 ft (400 m)
(2) Length of transmission cable between 1 network segment (NS)
EF + EG + GH + HJ + HK ≤ 1,640 ft (500 m) (Fig.2)
KL ≤ 1,312 ft (400 m) (Fig.2)
Unit* means indoor unit, outdoor unit, Touch Panel Controller and System Controller,
Signal Amplifier, single split adaptor, Network Convertor etc.
Fig. 1
Terminal resistor
Outdoor unit
Indoor unit
When AB + BC + BD > 1,640 ft (500 m)
: Signal Amplifier is required.
Fig. 2
NS 1
Outdoor unit
Indoor unit
Terminal resistor
Transmission line
Signal Amplifier
NS 2
Terminal resistor
6.4.3 Enabling/Disabling automatic address setting
You can enable/disable automatic address setting for the indoor unit and the signal ampli-
To enable automatic address setting for the indoor unit, connect the indoor unit to outdoor
units under the same refrigerant system.
Wires twisted
Shorted at edge
Shorted at root
Cable type
LEVEL 4 (NEMA) non-polar
2 core, twisted, shielded pair,
solid core, diameter 0.026 in
compatible cable
(0.65 mm)
Transmission line
Touch panel
Do not use loop wiring. This
may lead to parts damage and
erroneous operation.

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