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Outdoor unit
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3.3.3 Outdoor units installation in multi row
* The following settings are not recommended in case of cooling by a low outside tem-
perature. Unit: in (mm)
(1) Single parallel unit arrangement
4 (100)
or more
79 (2000)
or more
24 (600) or more
40 (1000) or more

3.4. Transporting the unit

Do not touch the fins. Otherwise, personal injury could result.
When carrying the unit, hold the handles on the right and left sides and be careful.
If the outdoor unit is carried from the bottom, hands or fingers may be pinched.
Hoisting method
• When hoisting the outdoor unit, hook the rope on the outside of the foot as shown in the
• Use sufficiently strong rope to bear the unit's weight.
• Place protective board or filler cloth at the place where the cabinet may come into
contact with the rope to prevent damages. Without using them, the cabinet may be dam-
aged or deformed.
• The center of gravity of the outdoor unit is shifted to the right. Be careful not to tilt to the
heavy side causing it to fall.
• To prevent an accident caused by the unit swinging or falling down, do not apply any
impact to the unit when it is hanging.
• When hoisting, do not hook the rope to the thermistor holder on the back of the outdoor
Product mass [lbs (kg)]
470 (213)
470 (213)
470 (213)
Lifting by forklift
• When using the forklift to lift the unit, pass
the forklift arms through the opening space
of the wooden delivery pallet.
• Be careful not to damaged.
Carrying by hand
• Carry slowly in the manner
Fig. A
as shown on "Fig. B" hold-
ing the handles "Fig. A"
in right and left sides. (Be
careful not to touch with
hands or objects.)
• Be sure to hold the
handles on the sides of
the unit. Otherwise, the
suction grilles on the
sides of the unit may be
(2) Multiple parallel unit arrangement
24 (600) or more
60 (1500) or more
700 to
1000 mm
Wooden delivery
Fig. B

3.5. Installing the unit

• Please install the outdoor unit without slant. (within 0.3 degrees)
• Install 4 anchor bolts at the locations indicated with arrows in the figure.
• To reduce vibration, do not install the unit directly on the ground. Install it on a secure
base (such as concrete blocks).
• The foundation shall support the legs of the unit and have a width of 3 in (80 mm) or more.
• Depending on the installation conditions, the outdoor unit may spread its vibration during
20 (500)
operation, which may cause noise and vibration. Therefore, attach damping materials
or more
(such as damping pads) to the outdoor unit during installation.
• Install the foundation, making sure that there is enough space for installing the connec-
119 (3000)
tion pipes.
or more
• Secure the unit to a solid block using foundation bolts. (Use 4 sets of commercially avail-
able M10 to M12 bolts, nuts, and washers.)
• The bolts should protrude 13/16 in (20 mm). (Refer to the figure.)
• If overturning prevention is required, purchase the necessary commercially available
7-11/16 (195)
3-1/8 (80)
• Do not install directly on the ground, this may result in equipment failure.
• The drain water is discharged from the bottom of the equipment. Construct a drain ditch
around the base and discharge the drain water properly.
• Provide ample space for ice buildup from condensate between the bottom of the unit and
the flat surface on which it is mounted. Otherwise, there is risk that the drainage water
will freeze between the device and the surface, disabling drainage.
27-1/16 (688)
7-11/16 (195)
3-1/8 (80)
If the unit is installed in a region that is exposed to
high winds, freezing conditions, freezing rain, snow
fall or heavy snow accumulation, take appropriate
measures to protect it from those elements.
To ensure stable operation, the outdoor unit must be
installed on a raised stand or rack, at or above the
anticipated snow depth for the region.
The installation of snow hoods and drift prevention
fencing is recommended when blowing and drifting
snow is common to the region.
Unit: in (mm)

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