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Levelling And Door Alignment - LG GSL360ICEV Owner's Manual

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Levelling and Door Alignment

Before Beginning
When the appliance doors appear to be uneven,
follow the instructions below to align the doors.
Levelling the Appliance
The appliance has two front levelling legs. Adjust
the legs to alter the tilt from front to back or side to
side. If the appliance seems unsteady, or the doors
do not close easily, adjust the appliance's tilt using
the instructions below.
Using the spanner a to adjust the height by
turning the levelling leg to the left to raise it or to
the right to lower it.
Door Alignment
If the door of the appliance is not level, adjust the
difference in the height of appliance door.
Open the door and use the spanner a to
loosen the keeper nut by turning it to the left.
Use the spanner b to adjust the height by
turning the adjustment hinge pin to the left or
to the right.
• Do not adjust the height of the appliance door
more than 3 mm.
Use the spanner a to fasten the keeper nut by
turning it to the right.
• Levelling the doors may not be possible when
the floor is not level, or is of weak or poor
• The refrigerator is heavy and should be installed
on a rigid and soild surface.
• Some timber flooring may cause levelling
difficulties if it flexes excessively.

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