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Disposal Of Your Old Appliance - LG GSL360ICEV Owner's Manual

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•Do not insert your hands into the mechanical part of the automatic
icemaker such as the ice bin or the ice dispenser.
•Do not use a thin crystal cup or chinaware when dispensing.
•Do not remove the cover of the automatic icemaker. Touching any
mechanical part of the automatic icemaker. It may result in injury.
•Make sure not to get a hand or foot stuck upon opening or closing
the appliance door or door in door.
•Do not open the door of the appliance with the door in door open,
or do not open the door in door while the door of the appliance is
open. The door in door may be struck by the edge of the
appliance and damaged.
•Do not insert the shelves upside down. The shelves may fall.
•To remove frost from the appliance, contact an LG Electronics
customer information centre.

Disposal of Your Old Appliance

• This crossed-out wheeled bin symbol indicates that waste electrical and electronic
products (WEEE) should be disposed of separately from the municipal waste
• Old electrical products can contain hazardous substances so correct disposal of
your old appliance will help prevent potential negative consequences for the
environment and human health. Your old appliance may contain reusable parts that
could be used to repair other products, and other valuable materials that can be
recycled to conserve limited resources.
• You can take your appliance either to the shop where you purchased the product, or
contact your local government waste office for details of your nearest authorised
WEEE collection point. For the most up to date information for your country please

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