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Connecting The Water Line (For Plumbed Models Only) - LG GSL360ICEV Owner's Manual

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Connecting the Water Line
(For Plumbed models Only)
Water Supply Requirements
A cold water supply with water pressure
between 138 kPa and 827 kPa (1.4-8.4 kgf/cm²)
is required to operate the water dispenser. If the
refrigerator is installed in an area with low water
pressure (below 138 kPa), you can install a
booster pump to compensate for the low
If a reverse osmosis water filtration system is
connected to your cold water supply, the water
pressure to the reverse osmosis system needs
to be a minimum of 138 kPa to 827 kPa
(1.4-8.4 kgf/cm²)
• Unplug the appliance before carrying out any
work on connecting the water line. Failure to
do so may cause electric shock.
• Only connect the water line to a cold water
supply. Failure to do so may cause the water
filter to malfunction. Water hammer (water
banging in the pipes) in house plumbing can
cause damage to appliance parts and can
lead to water leakage or flooding.
• Connecting the water line must only be
installed by a qualified plumber and in
accordance with local legislation and
regulations governing water quality.
• This water line installation is not covered by
the appliance warranty.
Connecting to the Appliance
Unscrew the metal threaded collar nut at
the back of the appliance and place it over
one end of the water tube.
Firmly push the water tube onto the water
inlet valve and tighten up the collar nut.
Connecting to the Water Filter
There are two types of filters. The methods of
connection are different. One has a threaded
plastic nut fitting and the other uses a self
locking push fit connectors. The filter is marked
with the direction of the water flow from the
water tap to the appliance.
<Nut Type>
Unscrew the threaded connector and place
it over the end of the cut section of pipe
coming from the appliance. Push the pipe
over the end of the filter that the flow arrow
points to and tighten up the threaded
Repeat the same process on the other end
of the filter using the remainder of the water

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