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Yamaha CROSS CONNECT Series Assembly Manual


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Summary of Contents for Yamaha CROSS CONNECT Series

  • Page 1 2018 ASSEMBLY MANUAL CROSS CONNECT PW70CNL PW70CNM PW70CNS LIT-15666-00-04 X1M-28107-13...
  • Page 2 This Assembly Manual contains the information required for the correct assembly of this Yamaha bicycle prior to delivery to the customer. Since some external parts of the bicycle have been removed at the Yamaha fac- tory for the convenience of packing, assembly by the Yamaha dealer is required. No adjustment of the power unit mechanism, which plays the most important part in riding, is necessary because it has been adjusted at the factory before shipping.
  • Page 3: Parts Location

    PARTS LOCATION PARTS LOCATION Body assembly NOTICE 8 Do not use a cutter, scissors, or other sharp object to open the part boxes; otherwise, the included parts could be damaged. 8 Wear suitable protective gear such as gloves when handling and opening the part boxes. 1.
  • Page 4: Included Parts

    INCLUDED PARTS INCLUDED PARTS The parts listed as follows are included*. Check the parts and their quantities before starting assembly. Part names Q’ty Remarks Front wheel Front fender Part box 1 3 in part box 1 Part box 2 3 in part box 1 Part box 3 3 in part box 1 Part box 4...
  • Page 5 INCLUDED PARTS – 3 –...
  • Page 6 INSTALLING THE INCLUDED PARTS INSTALLING THE INCLUDED PARTS WARNING Tighten the bolts and nuts to the specified torques. Failure to tighten the bolts and nuts to the specified torques could prevent proper operation of the bicycle and make it unsafe to operate.
  • Page 7 INSTALLING THE INCLUDED PARTS Align the holes in the front wheel 1 with the holes in the fork end and install the front wheel Install it in such a way that the disc rotor c does not touch the disc pad. Put the lever d of the front axle 2 down in the direction in which the stamp “OPEN”...
  • Page 8 INSTALLING THE INCLUDED PARTS WARNING 8 Position the lever when it cannot touch obstacles while the bicycle is moving. If not, the lever could be unlocked unexpectedly, causing the front wheel to come off, result- ing in an accident with severe injury or death.
  • Page 9 INSTALLING THE INCLUDED PARTS Install the handlebar a so that the brake levers e are at a 30 angle to the handlebar, as shown in the illustration. 30° 8 Tighten bolts d evenly in stages, in the order shown in the illustration. 8 Tighten in such a way that the gaps f above and below the handlebar holder c are equal.
  • Page 10 INSTALLING THE INCLUDED PARTS 7. Installing the bell Install the bell 1 in the position a shown, then tighten it with the screw 2. Bell Screw 8. Routing the wires WARNING Be sure to route the wires as shown in the illus- tration.
  • Page 11 INSTALLING THE INCLUDED PARTS Check that the front brake hose 1, front shift wire 4, headlight lead 5, wire clip 8, and plas- tic locking ties 9 are placed as shown in the illustration. Check that the front brake hose 1, rear brake hose 2, rear shift wire 3, front shift wire 4, display unit lead 7, wire clip 8, and plastic locking ties 0 are placed as shown in the illus-...
  • Page 12 INSTALLING THE INCLUDED PARTS 9. Tightening the seat pin Insert the saddle and seat post 1, then tighten the bolt a to the specified torque. Saddle and seat post WARNING 8 Insert the seat post far enough that the raise limit b is not visible.
  • Page 13 INSTALLING THE INCLUDED PARTS 12. Installing the display unit’s button cell bat- tery Loosen the bolts a and remove the display unit b from the bracket c. Tightening torque 2.0 N·m (0.20 kgf·m, 1.5 lb·ft) Turn the button cell battery cover d on the back of the display unit b in direction e, remove it, then install the button cell battery 1.
  • Page 14 INSTALLING THE INCLUDED PARTS E. The minutes value increases when the “ ▲ ” assist mode switch f is pressed while the “Min- ute” section of the clock e is flashing. The minutes value decreases when the “ ▼ ” assist mode switch d is pressed.
  • Page 15 INSTALLING THE INCLUDED PARTS NOTICE After adjusting the brake lever opening, check that the rotation of the front and rear wheels is not heavy. Adjust to a position at which it is easy for the cus- tomer to operate the front and rear brake levers and within the range of play of the brake levers.
  • Page 16: Pre-Delivery Inspection

    PREDELIVERY INSPECTION PREDELIVERY INSPECTION WARNING After completing the installation, inspect the items as follows and check that there are no problems before delivering the bicycle. Adjust controls and saddle height to the customer’s satisfaction according to this manual. 8 Handlebar orientation, height, angle, and tightening 8 Saddle orientation, height, angle, and tightening * Check that the saddle is firmly fastened.

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