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Installation; Installing Aprb - Siemens 6ES7 972-4AA02-0XA0 User Manual

Power rail booster
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User´s Guide Power Rail Booster

6.3 Installation

Installing a PRB
A PRB can be mounted on a DIN EN 50022-compliant standard top hat rail with the
dimensions 35x15mm or 7.5x15mm. A PRB must be installed or removed only when
the supply voltage is switched off.
The PRB must be installed horizontally on a vertical wall as shown in Fig.
All other installation positions result in derating to the permissible ambient
temperature. See Chapter 8 „Technical Specifications".
The location must be selected to suit the ambient conditions and mechanical
limit values shown in the technical specifications.
Sufficient space to connect all lines and cables must be available at the chosen
location. In order to ensure sufficient heat dissipation, a space of at least 15mm
must separate the upper corner of the PRB from the housing.
Install the PRB only on a low-resistance and low reactance-grounded mounting
On/removing a PRB from a top hat rail
Insert the upper locking hook on the PRB into the standard rail and press the
bottom surface against the rail until the PRB dicks into place.
The PRB is removed by pulling the locking lever downward. With the lever held
down, the PRB can be simply lifted off the top hat rail.
Fig. 18: Installing a PRB on a standard top hat rail
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