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Installation; Mounting The Enclosure - Siemens PAD-3 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Distributed power module nac expander
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It is recommended that the printed circuit boards be removed for any procedure that may
cause dust, metal shavings, grease or any such matter that may affect the circuit boards
and/or parts.
There may be several sources of power into the control unit. Each source must be
disconnected prior to installing or connecting or disconnecting wiring.
Each output circuit is rated at 3 amps. DO NOT OVERLOAD. Overloading a circuit will
cause it to shut down (power limit).


(For indoor use only in dry environments)
The fire alarm control unit must be mounted in a properly accessible location as required by applicable
codes. Any auxiliary battery box or other accessory not connected through a protective device or a circuit
designed for remote connection must be within the same room and connected through electrical conduit.
Installation is to be done only by qualified personnel who have thoroughly read and understood these
When mounting the enclosure on interior walls, use appropriate screw anchors in plaster. When mounting
on concrete, especially when moisture is expected, first attach a piece of ¾-inch plywood to the concrete
surface. Attach the PAD-3 enclosure to the plywood.
Consult the installation instructions included with the enclosure for proper mounting.

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Table of Contents

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