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Log-In Id And Password - Toshiba IK-WB11A Basic User's Manual

Toshiba network camera user's guide
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Log-in ID and Password

Be sure to change the default login ID and password. You are able to change
important information and settings of the camera through the Administrator
Login. To have higher security, be sure to change your login ID and the password,
and don't forget new login ID and password. Otherwise, you cannot access to
the camera. In the case you forget your login ID and password, press "Reset"
button (→ page 14, 15) for more than 5 seconds. It will return to the default
setting, but remember, in this case, all the information and settings will be
The default login ID is "root" and the default password is "ikwb".
With the Internet browser displayed on the
administrator's personal computer, enter the
following URL and press ENTER (When IP address is in default
If you enter this URL, the Administrator Login screen appears.
Correctly enter the administrator login ID and the
password, and then click the "login" button
・"Admin Menu" screen appears.


Table of Contents

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