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Cleaning The Oven Door; Replacing The Lamp - Electrolux EOF7P00LX User Manual

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each deactivation of the appliance for the
next 10 seconds.
The cleaning reminder
goes out:
• after the end of the
pyrolytic cleaning.
• when you deactivate it in
the basic settings. Refer
to "Using the settings

12.6 Cleaning the oven door

The oven door has three glass panels.
You can remove the internal glass
panels to clean them.
Do not use the appliance
without the glass panels.
The direction in which you
open the door depends on
your oven model. You open
the door from the right side
in some models and from
the left side in others.
1. Press the buttons at the sides of the
door trim (A) on the upper cover and
pull it upwards to remove it.
2. Hold the inner glass B tightly with
both hands and slide it upwards to
remove it from its initial position. Do
the same with the second glass
Make sure that you tightly hold the
glasses to prevent them from falling.
3. Clean the door with a wet sponge
and rub it dry with a soft cloth. Do not
use steel wool, acids or abrasive
cleaning agents because they can
damage the surface.
When the oven door is clean, install the
glass panels in the opposite sequence.
The middle glass panel (B) has a
decorative frame. In some models, the
glass panel (A) has screen printings. In
others, it is transparent. The screen-
printing zone must face the inner side of
the door. Make sure that after the
installation the surface of the glass panel
frame is not rough when you touch it.

12.7 Replacing the lamp

Risk of electric shock.
The lamp can be hot.
1. Turn off the oven.
Wait until the oven is cooled down.
2. Disconnect the oven from the mains.


Table of Contents

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