Troubleshooting - Black & Decker SmartRotisserie RTS500 Series Use And Care Book Manual

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1. Unit does not turn on, or will not get hot.
•Did you plug the unit in?
•Try resetting the Test Button on the plug.
•Remember, you MUST set the Timer before pushing the Start/Pause button.
2. Timer will not advance.
•Timer buttons must be pushed directly head on.
•To advance time quickly, push and hold a Timer button for 1 full second.
3. Some smoke is visible during use.
•During first use, it is normal to have some smoke coming from the unit. Smoke from food
splatters on subsequent use is also normal.
•Did you wipe out the interior of the unit after the last use?
•Is roast or poultry touching the heating elements? Did you tie chicken wings in so they won't
touch the heating elements?
•Is fat and dripping spattering onto the heating elements during cooking?
4. Grease/drippings run down underneath Drip Tray and may ooze out onto counter.
•Make sure the Drip Tray is properly in place.
•During use, some drippings may spatter onto interior walls and run down into the bottom of
the unit, bypassing the Drip Tray. Drippings may also run down the center area, collecting in
the bottom.
•Does the food being cooked have a high quantity of fat? You may have to pause halfway
through cooking, remove the roast/bird, and then carefully empty the Drip Tray.
•If cooked food is allowed to stand in the unit to cool, condensation will collect and run down
the interior walls to the bottom of the unit.
•Be sure the Rotisserie is completely cooled down before attempting to clean the inside.
5. Meat roasts cook unevenly.
•Did you thread the roast onto the Shaft evenly? Roasts need to be centered on the Shaft
toward the top of the unit to cook evenly.
•Was the roast oddly shaped, with a small pointed end and a large wide end?
•Try cooking a roast without the center element on for more typical cooked results.
6. There's a hole in the middle of the roast.
•This is typical of any roast that is cooked on a rotisserie-type appliance.
•Since the center heating element helps cook the roast, the hole in the meat may be a little
more noticeable than from other rotisseries. However, the roasts also cook much more quickly.
•To try to minimize the Shaft hole, turn off the center element. It will take longer to cook, but
the hole will be much less noticeable.
7. Meat roasts stick to Shaft.
• Did you remember to grease the Shaft before loading the roast?
• Is the roast very lean? Remember to let the roast stand about 10 minutes before trying to
remove it from the Shaft.
• Try loosening the meat from around the top and bottom of the Shaft. Then push the top of
the Shaft down through the meat. If it's still stuck, cut the roast lengthwise down one
entire side, then slip the Shaft out. Cut the roast on the other side, so that you have 2
lengthwise pieces. Slice the roast crosswise into thin serving slices.
8. Turkeys will not fit in unit.
• Remember, the maximum size is 10 lbs./4.54 kg. Anything larger might not fit.
• Some turkeys will not fit on the Tower. You may have to position it on the Shaft without
the Tower.



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