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Mixing Guide; High Speed; Care Guide - Black & Decker PowerPro M200P Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker use and care manual powerpro mixer m200p, m205s
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Care Guide


To blend in flour/dry ingredients and
liquids for batters and cookie doughs; to
stir nuts, chips, raisins into heavy cookie
doughs like oatmeal and chocolate chip.
To mix thin batters such as muffins,
waffles, pancakes and quick breads; to
prepare sauces, puddings.
To cream butter and sugar; to beat eggs
into batters and cookie doughs; to
prepare cake mixes specifying medium
speed; to mix cake batters and frostings.
To beat whole eggs, frozen desserts; to
mix light batters like popovers.
To whip cream, beat egg whites, mash
potatoes and other vegetables like
turnips and squash.
Other than the care mentioned here, no
other maintenance or servicing of this
appliance is required. Repairs, if necessary,
must be performed by a Black & Decker
(U.S.) Inc. Household Appliance Company-
Owned or Authorized Service Center. For
your convenience, a complete list of
Company-Owned Service Centers is
included on pages 10 & 11.

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