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Storing The Mixer; Need Help; Mixing Guide - Black & Decker Home Essentials MX20 Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker use and care manual mixer mx20
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Beater Eject Button
Botón que suelta
las aspas
Éjecteur de fouets
Speed Control Switch
Control de las
Régulateur de vitesse
Heel Rest
Talón de descanso
Talon d'appui
1. Before installing the Beaters, be sure the Mixer is unplugged and the Speed
Control Switch is in the OFF (O) position. To insert a Beater, grasp the Mixer with
one hand and the Beater stem with the other. Insert the Beater into the opening;
you may have to rotate it slightly until it locks into place. Repeat for the other
2. Plug the Cord into an outlet.
3. Place the ingredients into a bowl, grip the Mixer handle, and position the
Beaters in the center of the food.
4. Select the appropriate speed setting for the task. (A) See the "Mixing Guide"
5. Guide the Beaters continuously through the mixture for uniform mixing.
Whenever you wish to scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl using a handheld
utensil, be sure to turn the Speed Control Switch OFF (O). Place the Mixer on the
Heel Rest so that batter can drain into the bowl. (B)
6. To remove the Beaters, push the Beater Eject Button and eject the beaters into a
bowl or sink.

Mixing Guide

Use the following guide for speed selections.
How to Beat Egg Whites
• Be sure there is no egg yolk in the egg whites.
• For maximum volume, egg whites should be at room temperature.
• Beat at the highest speed (Whip #6) until egg whites are the desired consistency.
Beating time varies with the freshness of eggs.
NOTE: For best results when beating egg whites, do not use an aluminum or plastic
bowl. Use a stainless steel, copper, or glass bowl.
How to Whip Cream
• Chill the cream, Beaters, and bowl.
• Start with speed 3 or 4 to minimize splatter; as the cream begins to thicken,
gradually increase to Whip #6.
• Whipping time varies with fat content, age, and temperature of cream.
1. Be sure the Speed Control Switch is in the OFF (O) position before cleaning any
part of the Mixer. Unplug the cord and eject the Beaters.
2. The Beaters may be washed in hot, sudsy water or in a dishwasher. Be sure to
dry all parts thoroughly before storing.
3. Clean the Mixer or cord with a damp cloth. To remove stubborn spots, wipe
surfaces with a cloth dampened in sudsy water or a mild, non-abrasive cleaner.
Follow with a clean, damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners on any part of the
Mixer as they can damage the finish.
CAUTION: Never immerse the Mixer or cord in water or other liquids.
1. For longer life, avoid jerking the Power Cord or straining it at the plug connec-
tion. To store, coil the Cord in loops and secure it with a twist tie. Do not wrap the
cord around the Mixer.
2. Store the Beaters in a drawer or in the original packaging.
Service, if necessary, must be performed by a Black & Decker Company-Owned or
Authorized Household Appliance Service Center. The Service Center nearest you
can be found in the yellow pages of your phone book under "Appliances – Small."
If mailing or shipping your mixer, pack it carefully in a sturdy carton with enough
packing material to prevent damage. Include a note describing the problem to our
Service Center and be sure to give your return address. We also suggest that you
insure the package for your protection.
How To Use – English
To stir dry ingredients and liquids together. To add chips, nuts,
raisins to cookie dough or cakes.
To mix thin batters, such as waffles, muffins, and quick
breads; to prepare puddings.
To cream butter and sugar; to beat eggs into cookie doughs
and batters; to prepare cake mixes.
To mix cake batters, frostings, and candy.
To beat whole eggs, frozen desserts; to mix light batters
like popovers.
To whip cream and egg whites, to mash potatoes.

Storing The Mixer

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