Power Boost - Black & Decker PowerPro M200P Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker use and care manual powerpro mixer m200p, m205s
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Figure B


Figure C
2. Weave the top of the Spatula
Attachment under the left Beater
shaft and over the right Beater shaft.
(Figure B) The word "Front" on the
Attachment should face outward
from the front of the Mixer. Snap the
Attachment firmly onto the Beater
shafts. (Figure B)
3. As you mix, place the front of the
Spatula Attachment against the side
of the bowl and move it forward
slowly along the side to scrape
buildup and blend ingredients or
batter back into the Beaters.
NOTE: Should the Spatula
Attachment become detached dur-
ing use, be sure to turn the Mixer off
and unplug before attempting to
reattach the Spatula to the Beaters.
1. Depressing the Power Boost
Button lets you increase the mixing
speed to the maximum power level
from any speed setting. (Figure C)
2. When you feel the Mixer slowing
down or straining in tough mixing
tasks (such as mixing cookie dough),
press the Power Boost Button to
get maximum performance. When
you release the Button, the Mixer
will return to the speed setting
you were using.

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