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Setting The Voice Mail Number; Reading New Text Messages - Mitsubishi Electric G150 Manual

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Setting the Voice Mail Number

1. Select V.M. Center from the Voice Mail Menu.
2. At Number?, enter your Voice Mail Center phone
number, then press
Please check with your Service Provider before changing
Voice Mail Number.
Text Messages
Your phone allows you to send and receive text mes-
sages. To get into the Message Menu:
1. Press Right on the Express Key.
2. Select Messages and press

Reading New Text Messages

New text messages are displayed either:
At power on. When you turn on your phone, new
text messages (if any) are displayed.
At other times. Your phone continuously looks for
new text messages and alerts you as they arrive
To read new text messages, in the Messages menu
select Read New and press
Several icons may be displayed:
Character > at the end of the message—the
message is longer. Press Right on the Express Key
to read remaining text.
Character < at the beginning of a phone num-
ber—the number has more digits. Press Left on the
Express Key to read remaining digits.
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Table of Contents