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Tascam CD-160MK Owner's Manual

Compact disc player.
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Compact Disc Player


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   Summary of Contents for Tascam CD-160MK

  • Page 1

    » D00945120A CD-160 Compact Disc Player OWNER'S MANUAL...

  • Page 2: Important Safety Precautions

    CE Marking Information a) Applicable electromagnetic environment: E4 b) Peak inrush current: 0.6 A In North America use only on 120V supply. TASCAM CD-160MKll WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    An apparatus with Class I construction shall be con- nected to an AC outlet with a protective grounding connection. • Batteries (battery pack or batteries installed) should not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like. TASCAM CD-160MKll...

  • Page 4: Safety Information

    Type : KSS-213CL Manufacturer : SONY Corporation Laser output : Less than 0.4 mW on the objective lens Wavelength : 760 to 800 nm TASCAM CD-XXX TASCAM CD-160MKll CAUTION • DO NOT REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE HOUSING USING A SCREWDRIVER. •...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    4 − Reference and specifications ...22 Troubleshooting... 22 No power ... 22 Remote control doesn’t work..22 No sound ... 22 Will not play..22 Sound skips..22 Maintenance ...22 Specifications ... 23 Dimensions ... 23 TASCAM CD-160MKll TASCAM CD-XXX...

  • Page 6: Introduction

    TASCAM CD-160MKll After you have finished reading this manual, please keep it in a safe place for future reference. Contact your TASCAM supplier if any of these items are missing. NONE • Relative humidity should be 30 to 90 percent.

  • Page 7: Beware Of Condensation

    To prevent this, or if this occurs, let the player sit for one or two hours at the new room temperature before using. NOTE Never use a disc that has had a stabilizer mounted to it. The residual adhesive may cause the disc to stick to the turntable of the CD-160MKll. If it sticks to the turntable, you will need a technician to get it out. Copy-protected discs and other discs that do not conform to the CD standard may not play back cor- rectly in this player. If you use such discs in this unit, TEAC Corporation and its subsidiaries cannot be responsible for any consequences or guarantee the quality of reproduction. If you experience problems with such non-standard discs, you should contact the producers of the disc. TASCAM CD-160MKll...

  • Page 8: Handling Of Compact Discs

    • The remote control functions by using an infrared light signal. When using the unit to control the CD-160MKII, TASCAM CD-160MKll • Do not insert discs that have adhesive remaining from tape or stickers that have been removed. If they are inserted into the player, they could stick to the internal mechanism, requiring removal by a technician.

  • Page 9: Batteries

    Use a RCA cable to output the signal from the COAXIAL OUT to the amplifier or recorder's input. After all other connections are complete, connect the plug to the AC wall socket. CD-160MK# ANALOG IN DIGITAL IN DIGITAL IN 1 − Introduction Inserting batteries ª...

  • Page 10: Features Of The Cd-160mkii

    ¯ (SKIP) Use these keys to skip tracks. Hold down these keys to search for a part of a track. TASCAM CD-160MKll q w e PHONES jack and knob For private listening, insert the headphones plug into this jack, and adjust the volume by turning the level knob.

  • Page 11: Rear Panel

    NOTE This unit cannot output the digital audio data when Pitch Control is ON, and also ESP is ON during play- back of a CD. VOLTAGE SELECTOR Switches the voltage to either 230 V NOTE The voltage selector is only available on units for North American market. 5 AC Power Cord After all other connections are complete, connect the plug to the AC wall socket. 120 V TASCAM CD-160MKll...

  • Page 12: Display

    When a MP3 disc containing fold- ers is loaded, the display shows the total number of the folders. NOTE When in search mode (MP3 only), the initial letter of a track name appears on the display (see "Search for a name of track" on page 20). 9 Counter display This shows the time information of the disc. NOTE When in search mode (MP3 only), the display shows a track name (see "Search for a name of track" on page 20). TASCAM CD-160MKll SEARCH ALBUM...

  • Page 13: Disc Operations

    NOTE The CD-160MKII can only read the files in the first session of a multi-session disc. ID3 tag display for MP3 playback is not supported. If audio data is converted with Variable Bit Rate, it may not be played back properly. MP3 files are played as the order in the following diagram. In this manner, playback is performed from the top level directories. 3 − Disc operations : Folder (Directory) : MP3 File TASCAM CD-160MKll...

  • Page 14: Listening To Cd/mp3 (1)

    Do not force the tray by hand during opening and closing operations. 4. Press the OPEN/CLOSE key to close the CD door. It takes a few seconds for the unit to load the disc. No keys will work during loading. Wait until the total number of the tracks and the total play time of the disc are displayed. When no disc is loaded in the CD player, is displayed. DISC TASCAM CD-160MKll When a CD is loaded: total tracks When a MP3 disc is loaded: total tracks 5. Press the PLAY/READY Playback starts from the first track of the disc. When the playback of all the tracks has finished, the unit stops automatically. NOTE MP3 tracks recorded out of folders are automatically put in the “ROOT” folder, and playback starts from the first track of the ROOT folder.

  • Page 15: To Suspend Playback Temporarily (pause Mode)

    This key can be pressed during playback. 2. Turn the PITCH CONTROL change pitch. 3. Turning right makes playback speed faster within ) repeat- ¯ the range 0 to +12%. 4. Turning left makes playback speed slower within the range 0 to –12%. ) repeat-  ¯ key ( ) to start playback from the ¥ π key is pressed, the  READY key. key in the stop mode. knob right or left to TASCAM CD-160MKll...

  • Page 16: Listening Through Headphones

    During playback of MP3, this function is always ON, and this unit can output the digital audio data from its digital output jacks. However, during playback of a CD, when ESP is ON, the unit cannot output digital audio data. TASCAM CD-160MKll To display the MP3 information During playback of MP3 disc, press the than 1 second. The information about the current track is displayed as follows: Filename appears when there is no information.

  • Page 17: Programmed Playback

    PROGRAM key and the  key. is displayed. P-02 key ( ) to start pro- ¥ π STOP key is pressed, the OPEN/ POWER switch is pressed. You can PLAY/READY key ( ¥ π TASCAM CD-160MKll...

  • Page 18: To Check The Programmed Order

    Â then press the PROGRAM key. The track is added to the end of the program. TASCAM CD-160MKll To overwrite the program ª In the stop mode, press the until the program number to be changed appears on the display.

  • Page 19: Repeat Playback

    ) and select another track, ¯ key, select a track using the skip PLAY READY lights. REPEAT ALL lights. REPEAT ALBUM key during shuffle playback, next SHUFFLE STOP INTRO CHECK INTRO STOP key. INTRO CHECK SHUFFLE OPEN/CLOSE TASCAM CD-160MKll...

  • Page 20: Search Mode (mp3 Only)

    Track number Initial letter of track name • To cancel the search mode, press the 2. Select the initial letter of the track you want to lis- ten to by pressing the skip key ( Â 3. Press and hold the skip key ( Â TASCAM CD-160MKll 4. Select the track that has same initial letter by pressing the skip key ( 5. Press the Playback starts from the selected track. STOP key ( ª ¯...

  • Page 21: Search For A Track In A Folder

    4. Select the track in the folder by pressing the skip key ( Â 5. Press the PLAY/READY Playback starts from the selected track. • If you skip steps 3 and 4, playback will start from the first track in the selected folder. ¯ ¯ key ( ) to start playback. ¥ π TASCAM CD-160MKll...

  • Page 22: Reference And Specifications

    Allow the surface of the unit to dry completely before using. TASCAM CD-160MKll Will not play. ª e Load a disc with the playback side facing down.

  • Page 23: Specifications

    Power Consumption Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight Dimensions 481.0 mm (18.94") 465.0 mm (18.30") 3-beam, semiconductor laser 8-times oversampling 20 Hz - 20 kHz ±2dB Less than 0.03 % (1 kHz, ESP off) More than 83 dB (IHF-A, ESP off) Analog: Nominal output level -10 dBV Maximum output level +6 dBV ±2dB Digital: Coaxial / IEC-60958-3 (S/PDIF) Optical / IEC-60958-3 (S/PDIF) AC 120 V, 60 Hz (U.S.A./Canada) AC 230 V, 50 Hz (U.K./Europe) AC 240 V, 50-60Hz (Australia) 10 W (U.S.A./Canada) 10 W (U.K./Europe) 10 W (Australia) 481 x 94.5 x 298 (mm) / 18.94 x 3.72 x 11.73 (in) 4.1 kg (9.0 lb) 298.0 mm (11.73") 285.5 mm (11.24") 6.4 mm (0.25") TASCAM CD-160MKll...

  • Page 24

    Campesinos No. 184, Colonia Granjes Esmeralda, Delegacion Iztapalapa CP 09810, Mexico DF TEAC UK LIMITED Phone: +44-8451-302511 Unit 19 & 20, The Courtyards Hatters Lane, Watford, Hertfordshire. WD18 8TE, U.K. TEAC EUROPE GmbH Phone: +49-611-71580 Bahnstrasse 12, 65205 Wiesbaden-Erbenheim, Germany » Printed in China...

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