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Tascam CD-A550 Owner's Manual: About Cassette Tapes; Precautions For Cassette Use; Dolby Nr

Compact disc player/reverse cassette deck.
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1 – Introduction
sticky residue from stickers, etc. Such discs could
become stuck in the unit or cause it to malfunction.
Never use commercially available CD stabilizers. Their
use could make disc playback impossible or cause the
unit to malfunction.
Do not use cracked discs.
Do not use specially shaped discs, including heart-
shaped, business card-shaped or octagonal discs. Using
such discs could damage the unit.
With the intention of protecting copyrights, several
record companies sell discs with a "copy control CD"
designation. Some of these discs do not comply with CD
specifications and might not be playable in this unit.

About cassette tapes

Usable types of tapes
Recordable tapes: Type I (normal)
Type II (high position/chrome)
Playable tapes:
Type I (normal)
Type II (high position/chrome)
Type IV (metal)
Write-protection tabs for preventing unintentional
Cassettes have write-protection tabs to prevent the
unintentional erasure of recordings. There are tabs for
cassette sides A (1) and B (2). Use the tip of a screwdriver
or similar tool to remove these tabs to prevent future
recording. Put adhesive tape over the hole to allow
recording again.
Tape slack
Before using a cassette confirm that the tape is not slack.
Slack tape could become entangled in the capstan or other
parts. Use a pencil or the like to wind the tape until it is no
longer slack.
Automatic tape type detection holes
Cassettes have automatic tape detection holes that allow this
unit to automatically determine the type of tape inserted.
Types of cassette tapes that are not recommended
for use with this unit
Use of the following types of cassette tapes might prevent
normal operation or performance. Moreover, use of these
types of tapes should be avoided because they could become
entangled in the unit and result in unexpected malfunction.
Irregular cassette tapes
Cassettes that are deformed, have irregular tape
movement or that make unusual noises during fast-
forwarding and rewinding should not be used.
Long-play tapes
Tapes that are longer than 90 minutes are very thin and
easily stretched, which can result in warbling or flutter.
Moreover, these tapes can become entangled in the
equipment, so their use should be avoided.

Precautions for cassette use

Do not open cassettes or pull out their tape.
Do not touch the side of the tape that has the magnetic
coating with bare hands.
Do not leave them in places with lots of garbage or dust.
Do not use or store them in hot or humid places.
Avoid using or storing them in places with strong mag-
netic fields. Doing so could cause noise or the erasure of
recorded contents.

Dolby NR

Dolby NR reduces tape hiss during recording. This unit has
Dolby B Type noise reduction.
Dolby NR affects both recording and playback, so you
should set NR ON or OFF, using the same setting during
playback as used during recording.
On cassettes that have been recorded with Dolby NR
make a note that Dolby B NR is ON.


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