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LG 42PC1M Series Owner's Manual page 12

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Cable sample
(not supplied with the product)
HDMI to DVI Cable
(not supplied with the product)
How to use
1. Connect the HDMI/DVI Source Devices(DVD Player or Set Top Box or PC) and the set.
2. Turn on the display by pressing the POWER button on the set and HDMI/DVI Source Devices remote control.
3. Select HDMI/DVI Input source in Main Input option of PIP/DW menu.
4. Check the image on your set. There may be noise associated with the resolution, vertical pattern, contrast or brightness in
HDMI/DVI Source Devices. If noise is present, change the HDMI/DVI Source Devices to another resolution, change the
refresh rate or adjust the brightness and contrast on the menu until the picture is clear. If the refresh rate of the PC graphics
card can not changed, change the PC graphics card or consult the manufacturer of the PC graphics card.
- Depending on the graphics card, DOS mode may not work if you use a HDMI to DVI Cable.
- Avoid keeping a fixed image on the set screen for a long period of time. The fixed image may become permanently imprint-
ed on the screen. Use the Orbiter screen saver when possible.
- When Source Devices are connected with HDMI/DVI Input, output PC Resolution(VGA, SVGA, XGA), Position and Size
may not fit to Screen. As shown the lower picture, press the MENU button to adjust the screen Position of the set and con-
tact an PC graphics card service centre.
- When Source Devices connected HDMI/DVI Input output the set Resolution(480p, 720p, 1080i), the set Display fit EIA/CEA-
861-B Specification to Screen. If not, refer to the Manual of HDMI/DVI Source Devices or contact your service center.
- In case HDMI/DVI Source Devices is not connected Cable or poor cable connection, "No Signal" OSD display in HDMI/DVI
input. And in case of Video Resolution not supported the set output in HDMI/DVI Source Devices, "No Signal" OSD display.
Refer to the Manual of HDMI/DVI Source Devices or contact your service center.
HDMI Cable
Analog Audio Cable (RCA type)
(not supplied with the product)
Analog Audio Cable (Stereo to RCA type)
(not supplied with the product)



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