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Troubleshooting - Sharp KC-G60EU Operation Manual

With humidifying function
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Before contact for service, review the troubleshooting chart below to make sure that the problem is not a unit malfunction.
Odor and smoke persists.
The Cleanliness Monitor is blue
even when the air is not clean.
The Cleanliness Monitor light is
red even when the air is clean.
The unit makes a clicking or
ticking sound.
Air discharged from the unit
has an odour.
The unit does not operate when
cigarette smoke is in the air.
The FILTER RESET Indicator
Light is on.
The Front Display is turned off.
The Humidify Light on the
Front Display does not light up
when the tank is empty.
The water level in the tank does
not decrease or decreases
The Cleanliness Monitor
changes colour frequently.
There is a discrepancy between
the unit's Humidity Monitor
and another hygrometer in the
The unit PM2.5 Light does not
match weather report or other
local PM2.5 data.
C" Light flashing
• Check the filters. If they appear to be extremely dirty, clean or replace them.
(Ref. E-15)
• The air may have been dirty when the unit was plugged in. Unplug the unit, wait
one minute, and then plug the unit in again.
• Dirty or clogged dust(sensitive) sensor openings interfere with sensor operation.
Gently clean the sensor filter or the back panel. (Ref. E-13).
• The unit may make clicking or ticking sounds when it is generating ions.
• Check to see if the filters are extremely dirty.
• Clean or replace the filters. (Ref. E-13, E-14, E-15)
• Use only fresh tap water. Using other water sources risks the growth of mold,
fungi, or bacteria.
• Make sure the unit is installed in a location in which the sensors can detect
cigarette smoke.
• Check to see if the dust(sensitive) sensor openings are blocked or clogged. If
they are blocked or clogged, clean the sensor filter or the back panel.
(Ref. E-13)
• Whenever after performing maintenance or replacing the filters, connect the
power cord to an outlet and then press the Filter Reset Button. (Ref. E-13)
• When Light control is set to "Auto", the light automatically turns off when the
room is dark. Moreover, when Light control is set to "Turn off", the light is always
off. If you do not want the light to be off, set Light control to the "Darker" setting.
(Ref. E-11)
• The room has reached the appropriate level of humidity and has stopped
• Check the styrofoam float for impurities. Clean the Humidifying Tray. Make sure
that the unit is on a level surface. (Ref. E-14)
• Check to see if the Humidifying Tray and Water Tank are correctly installed.
Check the Humidifying Filter. (Ref. E-14)
• If the filter is extremely dirty, clean or replace it. (Ref. E-15)
• The Cleanliness Monitor automatically changes colour when the dust (sensitive)
sensor and odour sensor* detect impurities. If you are concerned about the
change, you can change sensor sensitivity.
(Ref. E-11,E-12) (*KC-G60EU / KC-G50EU)
• There is a difference in the humidity level within the same room.
• The sensor have different measurement parameters.
• If the monitor indicates wattage or temperature, switch the display by pressing
the DISPLAY SELECT button. (Ref. E-10)
• Outdoor and indoor as well as the home environment (the volume of traffic
nearby, number of stories in home, etc.) may cause a reading different than
local PM2.5 data.
• The room is suitable for viruses to survive due to low room temperature. We
recommend you adjust the temperature using heating appliances. (Ref. E-9)
• The room temperature and humidity is high. We recommend that you drink
some water or lower the room temperature. (Ref. E-10)
If error occurs repeatedly, contact the Sharp Service Centre.
Make sure that the Humidifying Filter and Humidifying Tray are
properly installed, and then turn the power to ON again.
Unplug the unit, wait one minute, and then plug the unit in again.
(the following are not due to a malfunction)

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