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Black & Decker Power Pro FP2650S Use And Care Book Manual page 7

Food processor with blender jar and small workbowl
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3. Place jar base onto jar and rotate clockwise until it is
tight (J).
4. Turn assembled jar right side up.
5. Place lid with lid cap in place on blender jar.
6. Place jar on power base with tab on base slightly to the
right of the locking mechanism and rotate clockwise until
blender locks into place
7. Blender is now ready for use.
1. Make sure appliance is OFF.
2. Place foods to be blended into jar.
3. Place lid on jar; make sure lid cap is in place.
4. Plug power cord into standard electrical outlet.
Note: When in use do not leave blender unattended. When using hard foods,
such as ice, nuts and coffee beans, keep one hand on the lid to keep blender in
5. Select the speed that best suits your desired task.
Note: For blending tasks such as grinding coffee beans or nuts, or when blending
thick mixtures, use the PULSE button for several seconds; then release. Releasing
the PULSE button automatically turns the blender off.
6. Open the Lid Cap to add ingredients while the blender is
running, and drop ingredients through the opening (L).
Note: Do not remove the lid while the blender is running.
7. When finished, press the OFF/PULSE button.
8. To remove the jar, using thumb and forefinger, push tab on
blender base to the right to release the locking mechanism
9. Grasp the handle of the blender jar and lift up.
10. Remove the lid to pour.
11. lways unplug the appliance when not in use.
1. Cut food into pieces no larger than ¾-inch for use in the blender.
2. When ingredients splatter onto the sides of the jar or the mixture is very thick,
press the OFF/PULSE button to turn appliance off. Remove the lid and use
a rubber spatula to scrape down the sides of the jar and to redistribute the food
pushing food toward the blades. Replace the lid and continue blending.
3. Blender should always have lid with lid cap in place when in use.
4. Do not place blender jar on base when motor is running.
5. The lid cap holds ¼ cup liquid and can be used when
adding ingredients such as juices, milk, cream and liquor
6. When making bread crumbs, chopping nuts or grinding
coffee beans make sure blender jar is completely dry.
7. When using a PULSE function use short bursts.
blades to stop rotating between pulses.
8. Use the PULSE button when preparing beverages that include ice cubes; this
helps to produce a smoother texture.
9. It is helpful to begin the blending process on the lowest speed and then increase
to a higher speed, if necessary.
10. When blending hot ingredients always open the lid cap and
replace it ajar with the opened side away from you. Cover
lid with a cloth to avoid splattering and only use low
speed. Do not blend more than 3 to 3½ cups at a time (P).
11. DO NOT place any of the following in the blender:
• Large pieces of frozen foods
• Tough foods such as raw turnips, sweet potatoes and
• Bones
• Hard salami, pepperoni
• Boiling liquids (cool for 5 minutes before placing in
blender jar.)
12. T asks not recommended for the blender:
• Whipping cream
• Beating egg whites
• Mixing dough
• Mashing potatoes
• Grinding meats
• Extracting juice from fruits and vegetables
Reconstituting frozen juices and drink mixes
Preparing salad dressings
Pureeing hot soups
Blending pancake and waffle batter or mixes
Beating eggs for omelets and custards
Making cookie crumbs and bread crumbs
Preparing sauces and salsas
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Table of Contents

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