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Yamaha XW-CS-700 Manual page 2

Wireless extension microphone kit for the yamaha cs-700
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The XW-CS-700 kit includes the following components. Please check that you received all of them:
Revolabs™ HD dual™: The HD dual includes the Receiver for the wireless microphone, the Charger to charge up
to two microphones, and the required power adapters.
Revolabs HD™ omni-directional wireless microphone.
Proprietary audio cable to connect the HD dual Receiver to the CS-700.
User guide (this document).
Preparing the wireless Receiver
Before enabling the wireless extension microphone with the CS-700, the wireless Receiver needs to be configured and a
connection between the wireless extension microphone and the Receiver needs to be created.
Charging the microphones
First, please charge the microphone battery for at least an hour to ensure that enough charge is in the battery to go
through the process. To charge, connect the Charger to the main powers using one of the provided 5VDC AC Adapters
and using an appropriate power outlet 110-240 AC, 50-60Hz. The power LED on the Charger will illuminate. Place the
microphone in the Charger and ensure that it is seated well in the charging bay. Either a solid red LED (charging) or solid
green LED (100% charged) light will appear to confirm that the microphone is inserted properly. While in the Charger, the
microphones are not transmitting audio to the Receiver. In normal use, batteries should fully charge in about 2 hours, but
will "quick-charge" to 80% capacity in approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Fully charged microphones left in the Charger
remain solid green. Before first use of the microphone it should be charged for several hours or until the LED on the
microphone turns green in the Charger.
Whenever microphones are not in use, they should be inserted into the Charger. It is important to ensure that all
microphones are inserted fully so that charging will occur. Features of the Charger are shown in the following image.
1. LED indicator — power status indicator
2. Charger Bays — charges up to 2 Microphones
3. Power Cord Receptacle — power supply input, 5 VDC (on rear)
Important: The Serial Number of the Microphones used with the XW-CS-700 should start with a 7010 or 8020.
Serial numbers starting with numbers different than 7010 or 8020 are not approved to be used with the CS-700
extension microphone kit! In the supported microphones the Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries that
power the microphones are field replaceable. Replace the batteries only with the manufacturer and model
battery type recommended by Yamaha Unified Communications. Please contact Yamaha Unified
Communications ( for correct manufacturer approved and recommended replacement type
Caution: Risk of explosion if batteries are mishandled or replaced by an incorrect type. Do not disassemble
batteries or attempt to charge outside the system. Do not dispose of batteries in fire. Dispose of batteries in
accordance with manufacturer's instructions and local regulations.



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