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Yamaha XW-CS-700 Manual page 5

Wireless extension microphone kit for the yamaha cs-700
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Connecting the Wireless Receiver to the Yamaha CS-700
The proprietary audio cable included in the kit allows to connect the wireless Receiver to the CS-700 unit. Plug the
3.5mm side of the cable into the "Ch1 Out" receptacles. Ensure that DIP switch 1 was set to "On" ensuring that the
output carries both audio streams in case two microphones are being used.
Connect the other side of the audio cable to the extension microphone connector on the back of the CS-700.
Placement of the Wireless Microphone Receiver
As the microphone communicates wirelessly with the Receiver, some rules need to be applied when selecting the right
place for the Receiver in the room.
Best is an open "line of sight" placement with no obstruction between the microphone and the Receiver. In most cases
of installations this cannot be achieved, but trying to achieve an installation that comes as close as "line of sight" will
ensure best wireless reception.
Examples for places to be avoided for the Receiver during installation are behind metal objects, whether meshed or
solid. The Receiver should not be placed behind displays in the room as they cause wireless interference and are highly
absorbent of the radio signal.
An installation high in the room helps reception of the wireless signal. As people and objects they bring into the room
with them also absorb radio signals, a Receiver installed high in the room is less affected by these absorptions.
Placement of the Microphone Charger
The microphone Charger can be placed anywhere in the room. We recommend a location where it is easy to take the
microphone and replace it after a meeting for charging before the next meeting.



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