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Yamaha XW-CS-700 Manual page 3

Wireless extension microphone kit for the yamaha cs-700
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Pairing the wireless microphone to the Receiver
Pairing creates a link between the wireless microphone and the Receiver, with a unique identifier. This process only needs
to be done once. Afterwards the microphone will automatically try to connect to the same Receiver whenever it is lifted
from the Charger or otherwise switched on.
Receiver front view
(1) Channel LED indicators: Displays microphone status and pairing state, Channel 1 and 2
(2) Pairing Push Buttons: For pairing microphones to the Receiver, Channel 1 and 2
(3) Power-in Receptacle (5 V DC)
(4) 3.5mm Balanced Input Connectors
(5) 3.5mm Balanced Output Connectors
(6) Mini-USB Serial Interface for firmware upgrades and management
(7) Configuration DIP
To pair the microphone to the Receiver:
1. Turn the microphone OFF (no LED activity). If the microphone is ON, press and hold the Mute button for 10
seconds until the LED turns solid red then release the button to turn the unit off. (do not release the button when
you hear two beeps).
2. Place the microphone unit into pairing mode by holding the button down for seven seconds. The LED will first turn
green, then solid red. Release the button once the LED is red. The microphone is now in pairing mode.
3. Within one minute, push and hold the button for channel one on the Receiver for seven seconds until the LED
turns solid red, then release. The LED for that channel will be solid red until the microphone and the Receiver have
a wireless handshake to create the pairing, as indicated by a quick green flash. Please note that the pairing might
take a minute or longer to occur. Once the connection is established both the microphone and the Receiver LED
will turn to flashing red. To activate the microphone press the mute button once, the LEDs will switch colors to
blinking green.
Rear View
Mute button



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