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Frequently Asked Questions - Yamaha XW-CS-700 Manual

Wireless extension microphone kit for the yamaha cs-700
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Muting the wireless microphone has no impact on the CS-700 mute status.
Once the LED light of the microphone is blinking green, pressing the mute button should have no effect – the LED should
remain green. If the LED changes colors from green blinking to red blinking and back whenever the mute button is
pressed, the DIP switch setting on the Receiver is incorrect. Recheck and correct the DIP-switch settings and restart the
The CS-700 microphone mute light is red, but the wireless extension microphone's LED is green.
That is correct behavior. The microphone LED does not reflect the mute status of the CS-700. The microphone LED
(once activated after it has been taken out of the charger) should always blink green. The mute LED on the CS-700
indicates whether audio is flowing to the far-end of the call.
The LED on the microphone is blinking green – red.
The microphone is not yet paired to the Receiver, or was unpaired from the receiver. Follow the pairing instructions in
this manual to pair the microphone and the Receiver.
I have two microphones paired to the Receiver, but only audio from one is transmitted.
The audio of the two microphones is not mixed in the Receiver. Ensure that the DIP switches are set as described earlier
in this document and restart the Receiver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a wireless and a wired extension microphone for the CS-700 be used at the same time?
A: No. The wired and the wireless extension microphone for the CS-700 use the same connector on the back. Only one
of them at a time can be connected.



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