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Inserting Flexible Hose
1. To connect the flexible hose, align connector prongs with
holes on the unit and push inside the connector (C).
2. Slide the lock nut through the hose all the way to the end.
3. Place lock nut over the unit connector and twist clockwise
tightly in place (D).
Inserting Trouser Clamps Holder Assembly
For your convenience the trouser clamps can be used as a
regular clip hanger at the top of the telescopic pole or to clip the
bottoms of the pants.
1. Loosen the holder lock nut by turning it counterclockwise.
2. Find the slot at the bottom of the pole, insert and slide holder
assembly with holder facing as shown (E).
Note: If using the trouser clamps as a regular clip hanger, slide
the holder assembly to the top of the pole.
3. Secure assembly in place by twisting the lock nut clockwise
until it is tight (F).
Tip: Make sure the trouser holder is in the upright position.
4. Insert and push trouser clamp bar securely into the holder.
Inserting Telescopic Tube
1. With the trouser clamp holder in place, remove the lock nut
from the unit connector by turning it counterclockwise (G).
2. Insert and slide the narrow end of the lock nut through the flat
end of the telescopic pole (H).
3. Hold the telescopic pole and insert into the connector.
a. Look inside the connector and find the alignment notch (J).
b.Take the telescopic pole, align the open slot at the end with
the notch inside the connector and push the telescopic pole
all the way inside the connector. You might have to wiggle
it to fit in.
Important: The slot on the telescopic pole must slide over the
notch inside the connector for the pole to slide into position.
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4. Once the telescopic pole is inside the connector, twist the lock
nut clockwise until tight (K).
Inserting Steam Nozzle Holder Assembly
1. Pull up one extension tube at time and tighten each lock nut
by twisting clockwise (L).
2. Insert steam nozzle holder assembly at the top of the
telescopic pole and rotate it clockwise until securely
in place (M).
Steam Nozzle
1. Insert steam nozzle into its holder (N).
2. Attach the lint brush to the nozzle by inserting end tabs
into the nozzle slots (P).
Your unit is now assembled!

How to Use

This appliance is for household use only.
Filling Water Tank
1. Make sure the unit is unplugged.
2. Place unit on the floor.
3. Grasp water tank handle and remove water tank.
4. Turn the water tank upside down and remove the cap by
turning it counterclockwise (Q).
5. Fill the water tank with water.
Important: Do not add cleaning solutions or any other chemicals
to the water in the tank. Only use regular tap water.
6. Replace the cap and tighten by turning it clockwise.
7. Insert water tank back into the unit securely in place.
1. Make sure the unit is Off.
2. Using a clip hanger, hang the pants by the waist on the
hanger holder.
3. Stretch the pants and clip the bottoms using the trouser
clamps or move the trouser clamps holder to the top of
the pole and using the trouser clamps, hang the pants by
the waist (R).
Note: To steam other hanging garments, just hang your clothes on a regular
hanger on the hanger holder.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents