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Troubleshooting - Bosch UniversalGrassCut Series Original Instructions Manual

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Caution: Switch the garden tool off and remove the
battery before performing any maintenance.
The cutting line continues to rotate for a few seconds
after the trimmer is switched off. Allow the motor/cut-
ting line to stop rotating before switching on again.
Do not briefly switch off and on again several times in
a row.
Only use Bosch approved cutting elements. Cutting
performance will vary with different cutting elements.
Switching On and Off (see figure H)
To switch on, firstly press the lock-off button (9). Then
press the On/Off switch (8) and keep it pressed.
To switch off, release the On/Off switch (8).
Lawn Trimming/Edge Cutting (see figures I − K)
Lawn trimming (see figure I)
Press the foot pedal (4) and set the 48° angle for lawn trim-
Move the trimmer left and right, keeping it well away from
the body. Cut higher grass in steps.
Edge cutting (see figure J)
Press the foot pedal (4) and set the 36° angle for edge cut-
ting. Rotate the handle by 180° and then turn the trimmer
clockwise to the desired working position.
Guide the trimmer along the edge of the lawn. By using the
wheel, you avoid contact with solid surfaces or walls to pre-
vent rapid wear of the cutting line.


Lawn Edge Trimmer/Grass Trimmer
Possible Cause
Motor refuses to start
Battery discharged
Battery too hot/cold
Garden tool functions
On/Off switch defective
Internal wiring of garden tool defective
Garden product la-
Grass too high
Garden tool does not
Cutting line too short/broken off
Spool empty
Cutting line can no
Line inside the spool entangled
longer be fed
Spool empty
Incorrect winding
Excessive line
Cutting line entangled Problems with the line feed system
F 016 L81 804 | (28.02.2019)
Cutting around trees and bushes (see figure K)
Press the foot pedal (4) and set the 24° angle for cutting
around trees and bushes.
Carefully cut around trees and bushes so that they do not
come into contact with the cutting line. Plants can die if you
damage the bark.
Dismounting the spool, winding up the cutting
line and mounting the spool (see figures N to L)
Remove the battery before replacing the spool.
Press both latches of the spool cover together and remove
the spool cover (13). Afterwards, remove the empty spool
Cut off approx. 6 m line from the refill roll. Thread the end of
the line into the spool's hole for line wind-up (15). Thread/
work the line under the hook (17). Then, thread/work the
line up and through the slot (18) in the spool. Afterwards,
wind up the thread on the spool uniformly and tightly.
Slide the other end of the cutting line through the hole for
line guiding (19) in the trimmer head and mount the spool
back into the trimmer head. Affix the spool by mounting the
spool cover (13).
The spool cover (13) can only be mounted in one position.
Line Feeding
The trimmer is equipped with the IntelliFEED system, which
automatically rolls off the line to retain the cutting diameter.
Corrective Action
Recharge battery.
Allow to cool/warm.
Contact Bosch customer service agent.
Contact Bosch customer service agent.
Cut in stages.
Manually feed cutting line.
Replace line spool.
Inspect the spool, rewind if necessary.
Refill line spool.
Rewind the spool.
Shorten line to correct length.
Contact Bosch customer service agent
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