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Maintenance And Service - Bosch UniversalGrassCut Series Original Instructions Manual

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Possible Cause
Cutting line retracts
Cutting line too short/broken off
into spool
Line breaks frequently Line inside the spool entangled
Trimmer used incorrectly
Trimmer vibrates ab-
Clamping ring or spool cover not mounted to
Clamping ring incorrectly positioned
Cutting system damaged
Clamping ring worn
Battery and charger
Possible Cause
Flashing red battery
Battery not (properly) inserted
charge indicator
Battery contacts contaminated
No charging procedure
Battery defective
Battery charge indicat-
Mains plug of battery charger not plugged in
ors do not light up
Socket outlet, mains cable or battery charger de-

Maintenance and Service

Before any work on the garden product itself (e. g.
maintenance, tool change, etc.) as well as during
transport and storage, remove the battery from the
garden product. There is danger of injury when uninten-
tionally actuating the On/Off switch.
Maintenance, Cleaning and Storage
For safe and proper working, always keep the product
For safe and proper working, always keep the garden tool
and the ventilation slots clean.
Never spray the garden tool with water.
Never immerse the garden tool in water.
Store the garden product in a secure, dry place, out of the
reach of children.
Do not place other objects on the garden product.
Make sure that the clamping ring is always attached to the
spool during use. Otherwise, high vibrations may occur.
Battery Maintenance
Use the following procedures to enable optimum usage of
the battery:
– Protect the battery against moisture and water.
Bosch Power Tools
Corrective Action
Remove spool – rethread line (see figures L − N).
Remove spool – rewind line (see figures L − N).
Only trim with the tip of the line, avoid stones,
walls and other hard objects. Feed the line regu-
larly to maintain full cutting diameter.
Mount clamping ring or spool cover onto spool.
Reposition clamping ring.
Contact Bosch customer service agent.
Purchase new spool accessory with clamping
Corrective Action
Properly insert battery in charger.
Clean the battery contacts (e. g. by inserting and
removing the battery several times) or replace
the battery.
Replace the battery.
Insert mains plug (fully) into the socket outlet.
Check the mains voltage; have the battery char-
ger checked by an authorised after-sales service
agent for Bosch power tools.
– Store the machine and battery only within a temperature
range between –20 °C and 50 °C . As an example, do not
leave the battery in the car in summer.
– It is recommended that the battery is not stored within
the product but stored separately.
– Do not leave the battery in the product in direct sunlight.
– The ideal storage condition for the battery is 5 °C.
– Occasionally clean the venting slots of the battery using a
soft, clean and dry brush.
A significantly reduced working period after charging indic-
ates that the battery is used and must be replaced.
After-sales Service and Application
In all correspondence and spare parts orders, please always
include the 10‑digit article number given on the nameplate
of the product.
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