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Troubleshooting - Bosch easyhedgecut 12-35 Instruction Manual

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AL 1115 CV
Flashing Battery Charge Indicator
The charging procedure is signalled by a
flashing battery charge indicator.
Continuous Lighting of the Battery Charge
Continuous lighting of the battery
charge indicator indicates that the
battery is fully charged or that the
temperature of the battery is not with-
in the allowable charging temperature range, and cannot be
charged for this reason. The battery is charged as soon as the
allowable charging temperature range is reached.
When the battery is not inserted, continuous lighting of the
battery charge indicator indicates that the mains plug is in-
serted in the socket and that the battery charger is ready for


Possible Cause
Hedgecutter does not
Battery discharged
Safety switch not activated correctly
Hedgecutter operates
Internal wiring of machine damaged
On/Off switch defective
Motor reverses repeatedly then stops after 3 s. see "Working Advice" (Anti Blocking)
Motor runs but blades
Internal fault
remain stationary
Cutting blade hot
Cutting blade blunt
Cutting blade has dents
Too much friction, due to lack of lubricant
Blade will not move
Battery discharged
Machine defective
Excessive vibrations/
Machine defective
Cutting time per battery
Too much friction, due to lack of lubricant
charge too low
Blade needs cleaning
Battery not fully charged
F 016 L81 560 | (21.9.16)
Charging Advice
With continuous or several repetitive charging cycles without
interruption, the charger can warm up. This is not meaningful
and does not indicate a technical defect of the battery charg-
A significantly reduced working period after charging indi-
cates that the battery is used and must be replaced.
Working Advice
 Hold the garden product away from yourself. Stand in a
secure and stable position.
 When storing the product, do no store it hanging on the
front handle or switch.
Anti Blocking
If the blade stalls on a tough material, the load of the motor in-
creases. The intelligent micro-electronics senses this over-
load condition and repeatedly reverses the motor, in order to
prevent stalling and to cut the material through.
This audible reversing cut action continues for up to 3 s.
After cutting through, the garden product continues in its nor-
mal mode, or in case the overload condition continues the
blades automatically stop in the open position (e. g. in case a
piece of metal fence accidentally blocks the garden product).
Corrective Action
Recharge battery; also see "Battery Charging"
see "Mounting and Operation" for correct use
Contact Service Agent
Contact Service Agent
Contact Service Agent
Have blade sharpened
Have blade inspected/overhauled
Apply lubricant spray (1 609 200 399)
Recharge battery; also see "Battery Charging"
Contact Service Agent
Contact Service Agent
Apply lubricant spray
Clean blade
Recharge battery; also see "Battery Charging"
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