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Useful Tips:
• You must turn off (0) the TIMeR/ToAST
• When making more toast immediately after one toasting cycle, set the toast shade selector to
a slightly lighter setting.
Convection uses a fan to circulate heat evenly for consistently better cooking.
Important: The oven top and side surfaces get hot.
Note: This oven has been designed with preset temperatures to accommodate convection
1. Consult the ConveCTIon BAKInG GUIde (page 10) for the type of food you want to cook.
Note: For best results, when baking or cooking, always preheat the oven at least 10 minutes
at the desired temperature setting.
2. open oven door. Insert the slide rack into the upper or lower rack position.
3. Set the temperature control to the desired temperature setting.
4. Set the cooking FUnCTIon (Mode) selector to Conv. Bake.
Important: You must set the timer or select Stay On for the oven to function.
5. Turn timer past 20 and then turn back or forward to desired
baking time, including preheat time.
Tip: To set the timer to the Stay on setting, if you want to control
cooking time or need to cook your food longer than 60 minutes, turn
the timer counterclockwise (C).
le bouton jusqu'à
dépasser la position 20
puis régler le temps désiré
6. You can cook your food two ways:
• In the bake pan placed on the slide rack (Da), oR
• directly on the slide rack using the bake pan as a drip tray, inserted in the rack support rails
underneath the slide rack (Db).
le bouton
la position
puis régler
le temps
• The Power indicator light comes on and stays on during cooking cycle.
• The heating elements cycle on and off to maintain the temperature.
Note: Be sure the top edge of the food or container is at least 1½" (3.81 cm) away from the upper
heating elements.
7. Close oven door.
shade selector if you want to discontinue
le bouton
la position
puis régler
le temps
8. Cook food according to recipe or package instructions and check at minimum time to see
if it is done.
9. once cooking cycle is finished:
• If the timer was on, the signal bell sounds, the indicator light goes off and the oven
automatically turns off.
• If the timer was not on, turn the TIMeR/ToAST
position to the off (0) position. The indicator light goes off.
10. o pen oven door and using oven mitt or pot holder, slide out rack to remove food.
Important: Always use an oven mitt or pot holder to remove food from the oven as the door
and the slide rack will be hot.
selector from the Stay on


Table of Contents

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