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Brewing Coffee - Black & Decker Coffeematic DCM12WH Use And Care Book Manual

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Figure A
Figure B
1. Remove the Water Spreader and
place a paper coffee filter into the
Filter Basket. Add drip grind coffee to
the filter corresponding to the amount
of coffee to be brewed (usually one
heaping tablespoon for every two
cups. Adjust to suit your taste). When
brewing 2-4 cups, use slightly more
grounds per cup. Replace the Water
Spreader over the Filter Basket.
2. Use the Carafe to fill the Water
Reservoir with cold water to the
desired cup level. Close the Flip-Up
Reservoir Cover.
3. Place the Filter Basket (with Water
Spreader) over the empty Carafe,
(Figure A) then sit the Carafe on the
"Keeps Hot" plate.
4. Slide the Control to "On." You will
see a red square in the display. The
"Keeps Hot" plate comes on automat-
ically when brewing begins.
5. Let all the brewed coffee drip from
the Basket. Remove the Basket and
Spreader and set it aside. Place the
Serving Lid on the Carafe. (Figure B)
6. Place the Carafe on the "Keeps
Hot" plate when not serving to keep
coffee hot. The "Keeps Hot" plate will
remain warm until the unit is turned
off by sliding the Control to "Off".
7. DO NOT pour brewed coffee back
into the Water Reservoir to reheat it.
Reheat coffee in a saucepan on a
range or in a microwave-safe contain-
er in a microwave oven. Do not put
the Carafe in a microwave oven.



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