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Electrical Cord - Black & Decker Coffeematic DCM12WH Use And Care Book Manual

Drip coffeemakers
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8. Fill the Reservoir with cold water to the
10-cup line (model DCM94WH) or the 12-
cup line (model DCM12WH or DCM12WL);
replace the empty Basket, Water Spreader,
and Carafe.
9. Turn on the Coffeemaker for a complete
brew cycle to flush out the remaining clean-
ing solution.
10. Wash the Filter Basket, Water Spreader,
and Carafe as instructed in "Cleaning Your
Coffeemaker" (see page 6).
The cord length of this Drip Coffeemaker


was selected to reduce safety hazards that
may occur with a longer cord. If more cord
length is needed, an extension cord with a
polarized plug may be used. It should be
rated not less than 10 amperes, 120 Volts,
and have Underwriters Laboratories listing.
A properly rated extension cord may be pur-
chased from a Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc.,
Household Appliance Company-Owned or
Authorized Service Center. When using a
longer cord, be sure it does not drape over
a working area or dangle where it could be
pulled on or tripped over. Handle cord care-
fully for longer life; avoid jerking or straining
it at outlet and appliance connections.



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