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How To Use; Getting Started; Control Panel - Black & Decker BLACK DECKER HOME DE790 Use And Care Book Manual

8-cup thermal coffeemaker
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Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
† 1. One piece cover (Part # DE790B-03)
2. Water showerhead
3. Water reservoir
4. Water level window
† 5. 8-cup (44 oz./1301 ml)
thermal carafe with lid
(Part # DE790B-02)


6. Carafe plate
7. Control panel
† 8. Brew-thru lid (Part # DE790B-04)
† 9. Removable brew basket
(Part # DE790B-01)
†Consumer replaceable/removable parts
1. Hour button
2. Min button
3. On/Off button
4. Prog (program) button
5. Auto button
6. Brewing indicator light
7. Auto-Brew indicator light
8. Digital display
9. P.M. indicator light

How to Use

This appliance is intended for household use only.


1. Remove all stickers and packing materials attached to the coffeemaker.
2. Wash all parts as instructed in the "Care and Cleaning"section.
Note: Coffeemaker works without having to set the clock.
3. Before using your coffeemaker for the first time, brew water through it as instructed in
the "BREWING" section without adding grounded coffee.
4. Once brewing is complete the coffeemaker and the brewing indicator light
automatically shut off.
5. Discard the water from the thermal carafe and rinse it.
Important: Do not place the thermal carafe on or near a gas or electric burner, in a heated
oven or in a microwave oven. Avoid rough handling and sharp blows.
1. To fill the water reservoir, lift the cover and fill it with water up to your desired level.
Note: Maximum capacity is 8-cups of water. Do not overfill.
2. Place a basket style paper filter into the brew basket. Fill the filter with the desired
amount of coffee.
Note: We recommend 1-2 tablespoons (5-10 grams) of grounded
coffee for every 6 oz. (180ml.) of water. If brewed coffee is too strong
for your taste just add a little bit of hot water to your cup of brewed
3. To insert brew-thru lid into thermal carafe, align the brew-thru lid
arrow with the "Insert and Align" arrow on the thermal carafe and
twist clockwise (B).
4. Turn the brew-thru lid clockwise until it is in the "Close" position
to brew your coffee (C).
Note: Coffee may overflow if the brew-thru lid is not properly in place.
5. Place the thermal carafe on the carafe plate and plug in the unit.
6. Press the "ON" button to start the brewing cycle. Once the brewing
indicator light lights up, the brewing cycle begins.
Note: For delay brewing, see "Setting the Clock/Timer & Auto-Brew."
7. Once the brewing cycle is complete the coffeemaker and the brewing indicator light
automatically shut off.
8. Remove the thermal carafe from the carafe plate.
9. To pour coffee, align the arrow on the brew-thru lid with the
"Pour" arrow on the handle of the thermal carafe by turning
the lid counterclockwise (D).
Note: Make sure the brew-thru lid is secure before you pour the coffee.
10. Proceed to serve the coffee.
11. Once you finish serving the coffee, close the lid again by turning
it clockwise.
12. Put the thermal carafe back on the carafe plate.
Note: The thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot. Make sure the brew-thru lid is always in the
close position after every use. This allows the coffee to stay hot longer.

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