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Specifying The Initial Settings; Choosing The Method To Connect The Machine To The Computer; Connecting Via A Lan - Canon image Runner 2206iF Getting Started

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Specifying the Initial Settings

Follow the instructions on the screen to perform the following:
• Set the language
• Set the country and region
• Set the time zone
• Set the date and time
• Register the Purchase Information
• Set the Remote UI Access PIN
• Set the Wireless LAN Connecting
For details on navigating the menu and how to input the
numbers, see "Navigating the Menu and Text Input Method"
Setting the Remote UI Access PIN is recommended when
using Remote UI to prevent unauthorized access by a third
party. The Remote UI uses a Web browser to operate the
machine, check the status, and specify settings, enabling you
to manage the machine while remaining at your desk. For
information on using the Remote UI, see the User's Guide.
Choosing the Method to Connect the
Machine to the Computer

Connecting via a LAN

You can connect the machine to the computer through a
wired LAN router. Use a LAN cable to connect the machine
to the router.
Connect the computer to the router by cable or wirelessly.
Make sure that there are ports available on the router to connect
the machine and the computer.
Have a Category 5 or higher twisted pair LAN cable ready.
Connecting via a USB cable
You can connect the machine to the computer using a USB
A USB cable is not included in this package. Please
obtain a suitable cable for your computer. Make
sure that the USB cable you use has the following
Connecting via a Wireless LAN
You can connect the machine to the computer through a
wireless router*. Since it is connected to wireless, no LAN
cables are needed.
* A wireless router (access point), which supports IEEE802.11b/g/n,
is required.
Connect the computer to the router by cable or wirelessly.
If you do not sure whether your router is wireless or wired:
See the instruction manual provided with your network
device, or contact the manufacturer.
Direct Connection
Connect a mobile device to the machine wirelessly and
directly without routing through a wireless LAN router (or
access point).
User's Guide "Connecting Directly (Access Point Mode)"
Connecting via a LAN
Checking Before the Setup
Are the computer and the router properly connected using
a LAN cable?
For more information, see the instruction manual for the
network device you are using, or contact the networking
device manufacturer.
Have the network settings on the computer been
If the computer is not properly confi gured, you may not use
the wired LAN connection even after completing the following
• When you connect to a network environment that is not
security protected, your personal information could be
disclosed to third parties. Please use caution.
• If you connect through a LAN in the offi ce, contact your
network administrator.
LAN cable


Table of Contents

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