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Canon image Runner 2206iF Getting Started page 16

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Safety-Related Symbols
Power switch: "ON" position
Power switch: "OFF" position
Power switch: "STAND-BY" position
Push-push switch
Protective earthing terminal
Dangerous voltage inside. Do not open
covers other than instructed.
CAUTION: Hot surface. Do not touch.
Class II equipment
Moving parts: Keep body parts away from
moving parts
CAUTION: An electrical shock may occur.
Remove all the power plugs from the power
There are sharp edges. Keep body parts away
from sharp edges.
Some of symbols shown above may not be
affixed depending on the product.
Maintenance and Inspections
Clean this machine periodically. If dust
accumulates, the machine may not operate
properly. When cleaning, be sure to observe the
following. If a problem occurs during operation,
see "Troubleshooting" in the User's Guide. If the
problem cannot be resolved or you feel the
machine requires an inspection, see "When a
Problem Cannot Be Solved" in the User's Guide.
• Before cleaning, turn OFF the power and
unplug the power plug from the AC power
outlet. Failure to do so may result in a fire or
electrical shock.
• Unplug the power plug periodically and clean
with a dry cloth to remove dust and grime.
Accumulated dust may absorb humidity in the
air and may result in a fire if it comes into
contact with electricity.
• Use a damp, well wrung-out cloth to clean the
machine. Dampen cleaning cloths with water
only. Do not use alcohol, benzine, paint
thinner, or other flammable substances. Do
not use tissue paper or paper towels. If these
substances come into contact with electrical
parts inside the machine, they may generate
static electricity or result in a fire or electrical
• Check the power cord and plug periodically
for damage. Check the machine for rust, dents,
scratches, cracks, or excessive heat generation.
Use of poorly-maintained equipment may
result in a fire or electrical shock.
• The inside of the machine has high-
temperature and high-voltage components.
Touching these components may result in
burns. Do not touch any part of the machine
that is not indicated in the manual.
• When loading paper or removing jammed
paper, be careful not to cut your hands with
the edges of the paper.
• Do not throw toner cartridges into open
flame, or do not store them or printing/copy
paper in a place exposed to open flame. This
may cause them to ignite, resulting in burns or
• If you accidentally spill or scatter toner,
carefully gather the toner particles together or
wipe them up with a soft, damp cloth in a way
that prevents inhalation. Never use a vacuum
cleaner that does not have safeguards against
dust explosions to clean up spilled toner.
Doing so may cause a malfunction in the
vacuum cleaner, or result in a dust explosion
due to static discharge.
• Keep toner and other consumables out of the
reach of small children. If these items are
ingested, consult a physician immediately.
• If toner touches your clothes or skin, wash it
away with water immediately. Do not use
warm water, as this may cause toner to fix,
resulting in a permanent stain.
• Do not dismantle the toner cartridge, as doing
so may cause toner to fly out and enter your
eyes or mouth. If toner gets into your eyes or
mouth, wash them immediately with cold
water and immediately consult a physician.
• If toner escapes from the toner cartridge,
make sure not to ingest the toner or allow it to
directly touch your skin. If your skin still feels
irritated after washing it, or you ingest toner,
consult a physician immediately.
• Store toner cartridges in a cool location, away
from direct sunlight.
Product Name
Safety regulations require the product's name to
be registered.
In some regions where this product is sold, the
following name(s) in parentheses ( ) may be
registered instead.
imageRUNNER 2206iF (F193390)
imageRUNNER 2206N (F193392)
EMC requirements of EC Directive
This equipment conforms with the essential EMC
requirements of EC Directive. We declare that this
product conforms with the EMC requirements of
EC Directive at nominal mains input 230 V, 50 Hz
although the rated input of the product is 220 to
240 V, 50/60 Hz. Use of shielded cable is necessary
to comply with the technical EMC requirements
of EC Directive.
EU WEEE and Battery Directives
You can see the WEEE and Battery Directives
information in the latest User's Guide (HTML
manual) from the Canon website (
Wireless LAN Regulatory Information
Regulatory information for users in Jordan
imageRUNNER 2206iF/2206N includes approved
Wireless LAN Module (Model name: Type1KA).
Contains Wireless LAN Module approved by TRC/
Regulatory information for users in UAE
imageRUNNER 2206iF/2206N includes approved
Wireless LAN Module (Model name: Type1KA).
DEALER No: DA0073692/11
RE Directive
(Only for European radio equipment)
RE Declaration of Conformity
English (EN) Hereby, Canon Inc. declares that
this equipment is in compliance with Directive
The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is
available at the following internet address:
Wireless LAN Specifications
Frequency band(s):2412-2472MHz
Maximum radio-frequency power:15.9 dBm
Czech (CS) Tímto společnost Canon Inc.
prohlašuje, že toto zařízení je v souladu se
směrnicí 2014/53/EU.
Úplné znění EU prohlášení o shodě je k dispozici
na této internetové adrese:
Technické údaje bezdrátové LAN
Pásmo(a) frekvence: 2412-2472 MHz
Maximální výkon rádiové frekvence: 15.9 dBm
Danish (DA) Hermed erklærer Canon Inc., at
dette udstyr er i overensstemmelse med direktiv
EU-overensstemmelseserklæringens fulde tekst
kan findes på følgende internetadresse:
Trådløs LAN specofikationer
Frekvensbånd: 2412-2472 MHz
Maks. radio-frekvenseffekt: 15.9 dBm
German (DE) Hiermit erklärt Canon Inc, dass
diese Anlage der Richtlinie 2014/53/EU
Der vollständige Text der EU-
Konformitätserklärung ist unter der folgenden
Internetadresse verfügbar:
Frequenzbereich(e): 2412-2472 MHz
Maximale Funkfrequenzleistung: 15.9 dBm
Estonian (ET) Käesolevaga deklareerib Canon
Inc., et käesolev seade vastab direktiivi 2014/53/
EL nõuetele.
ELi vastavusdeklaratsiooni täielik tekst on
kättesaadav järgmisel internetiaadressil:
Juhtmevaba LAN-i spetsifikatsioonid
Sagedusriba(d): 2412-2472 MHz
Maksimaalne raadiosageduslik võimsus: 15.9 dBm
Spanish (ES) Por la presente, Canon Inc. declara
que este equipo es conforme con la Directiva
El texto completo de la declaración UE de
conformidad está disponible en la dirección de
Internet siguiente:
Especificaciones LAN inalámbrica
Banda(s) de frecuencia: 2412-2472 MHz
Potencia máxima de radiofrecuencia: 15.9 dBm



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