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Setting Wireless Lan - Canon image Runner 2206iF Getting Started

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Table of Contents
Checking the Router
Select the connection method to the wireless LAN. Select from
the following two methods depending on the router (access
point) that you are using.
There is a button.
This machine supports WPS
(Wi-Fi Protected Setup). You
can easily set up if your router
(access point) has a button,
and if the
mark is on the
If you are not sure whether or not your router supports WPS, please
see the manual included in the product, or contact the product
There is no button.
If there is no button on your
router (access point), you may
manually select SSID and
complete the settings. In this
case, you need to remember
SSID and network key of your
router (access point).
See "Checking That the
Wireless LAN Setting is Completed" (P.10) to learn how to
fi nd out your SSID and network key.
To set up with WPS PIN code method, or setup manually:
User's Guide "Connecting to a Wireless LAN"

Setting Wireless LAN

Push Button Mode
Tap <Menu> in the <Home> Screen.
Tap <Network Settings>.
If a screen for entering a System Manager ID and PIN is
displayed, enter the System Manager ID and PIN, tap
<Apply>, and press
Tap <Wireless LAN Settings>.
Read the message that is displayed, and tap <OK>.
Tap <WPS Push Button Mode>.
Wireless LAN Settings
SSID Settings
WPS Push Button Mode
WPS PIN Code Mode
Power Save Mode
Wireless LAN Information
Tap <Yes>.
Press and hold* the button until the lamp lights or
You should press the WPS button within 2 minutes after
you tap <Yes> in step 6.
* The time that you should hold the button may vary depending
on the router you are using.
Wait approximately 2 minutes after the connection.
IP address is set during this period of time.
When an error message appears:
Tap <Close> to close the screen, retry the settings. If
the access point cannot be detected even after
retrying, see the following.
User's Guide "When an Error Message Appears"
When checking the network connection:
You can check if the machine is properly connected to the
network using a computer that connected to a network.
User's Guide "Viewing Network Settings"
To set IP address manually:
User's Guide "Connecting to a Wireless LAN"


Table of Contents

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