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Estimated Installation Times; Environmental Requirements - Canon BLM 550+ Service Support Manual

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D. Estimated Installation Times
The estimated Installation times below are the estimated times required for
installation of the BLM550+ Booklet Maker (including the connecting bridge)
starting from an unpacked condition. The estimated installation times can be
achieved only with a minimum of two (2) experienced technicians on the
BLM550+ Booklet Maker.
Actual work times may differ from the estimated times shown in the table below.
Table 13 – Estimated Installation Times
BLM550+ Booklet Maker (including the connecting bridge)
Book Stacker
Watkiss P2T 2-Knife Trimmer
E. Environmental Requirements
When installing the BLM550+ Booklet Maker and accessories, the
environmental conditions of the room where the machine is located should be
as described in the table below.
Table 14 – Optimal Environmental Conditions
Optimum Temperature Range
Optimum Humidity Range
Atmospheric Pressure
(Storage and Transport)
Noise (sound level)
• In certain areas of the country and during certain times of the year, it may
be necessary to use a humidifier or dehumidifier to attain the proper
humidity levels for optimal machine performance. There is a risk that
productivity and paper feeding may be affected if the machine is operated
outside of these guidelines.
• The machine should not be installed in locations with significant shifts in
temperature or humidity. Areas containing water, or equipment that can
significantly alter room temperature or humidity, such as a heater, stove, or
portable air conditioner, should be avoided, unless proper environmental
control is available to achieve maximum productivity or quality capability.
BLM550+ Booklet Maker Service Support Guide
Revision 1
BLM550+ Booklet Maker Service Support Guide
Between 50°F (10°C) and 95°F (35°C)
Between 35% and 85% Relative Humidity
up to 2,000m amsl
Maximum: 87 dB
Estimated Time
6.0 Hours
2.5 Hours
3.0 Hours
March 2015
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