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Product Technical Support Offerings; Dealer Support Requirements - Canon BLM 550+ Service Support Manual

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VIII. Product Technical Support Offerings
A. Dealer Support Requirements
Technical Training is required to receive technical support for the BLM550+
Booklet Maker. Refer to the
19) for further details.
In order to ensure that each Dealer receives the highest level of support and in
turn resolve the end user's problems quickly and accurately, here are several
recommendations to maximize your technical support request.
• The dealer support personnel should check technical documentation
(Manuals, Tech. Pub's, etc.) and the
24 hours a day, 7 days a week) before calling Canon USA's Technical
Support Center (TSC) since your concern may have already been
addressed and documented.
• Have your Support ID Number ready when you call the TSC and prepare to
be at the location where the engine or application is accessible. This
dramatically improves the TSC's ability to help troubleshoot the problem
and eliminate the guesswork when answering a specific question. There are
many "causes" to various problems, but by being at the location when
calling, it takes the speculation out of the troubleshooting process by
supplying accurate answers to what the device/application is doing.
• Provide the serial number of the installed engine or application you are
troubleshooting. While this is required for access to support, it will also
provide the specialist with information about previous calls for support.
• Be prepared to provide environment specific information and any other site-
specific variables.
• Submit and update your profile information such as cell phone number, e-
mail address, or company address. To do so, you can logon to the
Support Center Web Site
updates or call Canon USA's TSC. Accurate profile information will allow for
quick contact if more information is required from the caller later on.
• A return call from a dealer technician/systems engineer with a resolution is
extremely helpful. The information Canon USA receives from you on what
actually resolved the problem is sent to the Support Specialist and enables
them to better assist other callers who may have the same problem just
BLM550+ Booklet Maker Service Support Guide
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BLM550+ Booklet Maker Service Support Guide
Canon USA Technical Support Center
e-Support Center Web Site
and access the "Current Profile" section to make
March 2015
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