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Servicing Notes; Power And Plug Requirements - Canon BLM 550+ Service Support Manual

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VI. Servicing Notes
A. Power and Plug Requirements
Canon USA strongly suggests dedicated and properly grounded outlets be
provided for the BLM550+ Booklet Makers.
The BLM550+ Booklet Maker requires a dedicated NEMA 6-20 receptacle for
proper operation
Table 9 – Power Receptacle
Table 10 – Power and Plug Requirements for Main Unit and Accessories
BLM550+ Booklet Maker
Book Stacker
Watkiss P2T 2-Knife Trimmer
• We recommend an additional standard 120 V/15 A outlet for service tools,
such as a laptop computer or vacuum that may be used when servicing or
configuring the machine.
• Use only dedicated and properly grounded outlets for the BLM550+ Booklet
Maker and accessories. Do not use extension cords. The ground
connection serves to provide the internal electronics with a reference
voltage. Faulty or poor ground sources will cause this reference voltage to
fall into a range that no longer serves as a reliable reference voltage. A
qualified electrician can measure and provide the ground source that the
BLM550+ Booklet Maker or any computer controlled office equipment
• Before installation, confirm that all necessary receptacles are available.
• Phase converters and step-down transformers are not supported.
BLM550+ Booklet Maker Service Support Guide
Revision 1
BLM550+ Booklet Maker Service Support Guide
BLM550+ and Watkiss P2T 2-Knife Trimmer
NEMA 6-20R
Power Supply
200–240 V / 16A 50/60Hz outlet
From the BLM 550+ Booklet
220–240 V / 5A 50/60Hz outlet
Single Phase
Single Phase
Power Supply
NEMA 6-20R
NEMA 6-20R
March 2015
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