Blending Tips And Techniques - Black & Decker Bl2010WG Use And Care Book Manual

10-speed blender
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6. When blending thick mixtures, such as smoothies, power drinks and
milkshakes press the Pulse button several times to begin the blending
process. Press the Pulse button for no more than 5 seconds at a time. This
helps break up the ice and distribute the ingredients.
7. open the lid cap to add ingredients while the blender
is running and drop ingredients through the opening
important: do not remove the lid while the blender is
8. When finished, press the Pulse/off button. Make sure
blades have completely stopped before attempting to
remove the blending jar from the base.
9. To remove the jar, grasp the handle and lift straight
up. do not twist the jar.
10. Remove lid to pour.
11. Always unplug the appliance when not in use.

BleNdiNG TipS aNd TecHNiQUeS

• Cut food into pieces no larger than ¾-inch for use in the blender.
• When preparing foods that have several different kinds of ingredients, always
add liquid ingredients first.
• When ingredients splatter onto the sides of the jar or the mixture is very thick,
press the oFF button to turn appliance off. Remove the lid and use a rubber
spatula to scrape down the sides of the jar and to redistribute the food pushing
food toward the blades. Replace the lid and continue blending.
important: Blender should always have lid in place when in use.
caution: do not place blending jar on base when motor is running.
• The lid cap holds up to 1½ oz. liquid and can be used
as a measure and when adding ingredients such as
juices, milk, cream and liquor (e).
• When making bread crumbs, chopping nuts or
grinding coffee beans make sure blending jar is
completely dry.
• When using PUlse function use short bursts. Allow
the blades to stop rotating between pulses. do not use
pulse for more than 2 minutes.
• Use the PUlse button to begin the blending process when preparing
beverages that include ice cubes; this helps to produce a smoother texture.
• The PUlse function is helpful when short bursts of power are needed such
as when preparing thick smoothies or milkshakes, chopping nuts or grinding
coffee beans.
• It is helpful to begin the blending process on the lowest speed and then
increase to a higher speed, if necessary.
• To stop blending, press the oFF button at any time
• When blending hot liquids always let them cool at least 5 minutes before
blending. Before beginning to blend, remove the lid cap and put it back
with the opened side tilted away from you. Cover lid with a cloth to avoid
splattering and only use lowest speed. do not blend more than 2½ to 3 cups
at a time.
• do NoT place any of the following in the blender:
o large pieces of frozen foods
o Tough foods such as raw turnips, sweet potatoes and potatoes
o Bones
o Hard salami, pepperoni and hard sausages
o Boiling liquids (cool for 5 minutes before placing in blending jar)
• several other don'ts:
o do not operate blender without the lid on the blending jar
o do not store foods in the blending jar
o do not overfill the blender. (The blender is more efficient with less
rather than more.)
o do not use pulse for more than 10 seconds at a time. Release the
PUlse button; allow the blender to rest briefly, then continue.
o do not run blender for longer than 30 seconds when using dry foods
and 2 minutes when blending liquids. scrape down sides on blending
jar, if necessary and continue blending.
o do not use if blender jar is chipped or cracked
• Tasks not recommended for the blender:
o Whipping cream
o Beating egg whites
o Mixing dough
o Mashing potatoes
o Grinding meats
o extracting juice from fruits and vegetables

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