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How To Use; Blending Tips And Techniques - Black & Decker Crush Master BL10475BM Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker blender bl10475bm user guide
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Available languages

Available languages

Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
†1. Lid cap (Part# 1000000715)
†2. Lid (Part# 1000000727-black)
†3. Jar (Part# 1000000718 - glass)
4. Handle
†5. Gasket (Part# 1000000720)
†6. Blade assembly (Part# 1000000721)
†7. Jar base (Part# 1000000726 - black)
8. Unit base
9. Controls (see A)
† Consumer replaceable/removable parts
1. Before first use, wash all parts except the unit base. Put the gasket on top of the
blade assembly.
2. Place the blade assembly into the jar base and turn the jar base clockwise until
3. Interlock System: Place the assembled Jar onto the unit base and turn toward
lock (
) until secured in place. You've engaged the interlock system if you lift
the jar handle and the entire blender lifts together as one unit.

How to Use

This product is for household use only.
1. Be sure the unit is OFF and plug the cord into a standard electrical outlet.
2. Place the food to be blended into the jar and the lid on the jar before blending.
3. Be sure that the lid cap is in place. When crushing ice or hard foods, keep one
hand on the lid.
4. Select the desired speed setting (A). Choose the speed that
best suits your task for food or beverage blending. Press
the LOW/HI button in combination with the task button
when choosing or switching speeds. For example, to
"beat" press the LOW button and then the Beat button.
To switch to higher settings, switch the LOW/HI button
to the HI position then, press your task speed such as
Chop. Speeds on the left side (from Fast Clean to
Smoothie) work with LO; speeds on the right side
(Stir to Chop) work with HI.
5. Use the Pulse button for a few seconds, then release for quick or delicate
blending tasks. Releasing the Pulse automatically turns the blender off. Use the
Crush button to crush ice in the same manner as the Pulse. For best results, use
short "pulses." The blender will stop when you release the Ice Crush button.
6. If you want to add ingredients while the blender is on, remove the lid cap and
drop ingredients through the lid opening.
7. When finished blending, push the Off/Pulse button.
8. To remove the jar, grasp the handle, twist toward the unlock (
from the unit base. For most models, remove the lid before pouring.


• Cut food into small pieces (about
• When ingredients stick or spatter along the sides of the jar, stop the blending
action and remove the lid. Use a rubber spatula to push food toward the
blades. Replace the lid, then continue blending.
• Some of the tasks that cannot be performed efficiently with a blender are:
beating egg whites, whipping cream, mashing potatoes, grinding meats, mixing
dough, and extracting juices from fruits and vegetables.
• The following items should never be placed in the unit as they may cause dam-
age: dried spices and herbs (ground alone), bones, large pieces of solidly
frozen foods, tough foods such as turnips.
• To crush ice, pour liquid in the jar first, then add up to 6 ice cubes. Hold one
hand firmly on the lid; pulse, using the ice crush button. For models with a lid
) and lift it
"/2 cm) before adding to the blender.

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