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Fujitsu FDX 840 Let's Get Started

Broadband voice
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FDX 840
Let's get started
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  Summary of Contents for Fujitsu FDX 840

  • Page 1 Broadband Voice FDX 840 Let’s get started More power to you...
  • Page 2 Welcome to a you need great new way Inside your Broadband Voice pack to get more from you should find: your Broadband • One FDX 840 Broadband Voice connection Telephone Adapter / Router • One RJ-11 to BT socket phone cable •...
  • Page 3: Led Indicators

    LED Indicators Indicators Condition Colour Timing Power Green Solid Dark –– Status/Alarm Power On – Self-test/Booting Green Blinking Power On – Self-test failure Solid System ready without registration Blinking Registering Green Blinking System ready with registration Green Solid Green Solid Connecting Green Blinking...
  • Page 4: Getting Help

    PC/home network • An ADSL or ethernet router or modem LAN port of the FDX 840. will not go via your FDX 840. This doesn’t with a spare ethernet port (RJ-45). matter, but voice quality does improve...
  • Page 5 Step 4 calls to be made from the Broadband the standard telephone circuit. This is connect it to the WAN port of the FDX 840. Connect the master socket adapter Voice telephone over the traditional an optional feature of the device and if...
  • Page 6 Wait about two minutes for Power up your PC and then start your the LAN port of the device. However, switch on the back of the FDX 840. If you it to start up and establish connectivity web browser. In the address bar, type...
  • Page 7 Step by step set up guide continued Step 9 Step 11 (Step 1 of Wizard) Step 12 (Step 2 of Wizard) Step 13 (Step 3 of Wizard) The first page of the Setup Wizard (pictured Enter your User Name, Password and Step 2 of the Wizard is only for cable Select the desired bandwidth setting and below) will open.
  • Page 8: Troubleshooting

    Check that you can access the internet. preceding or trailing spaces. again which will now be your e-mail micro-switch on the rear of the FDX 840 to Choose a site that you have not accessed address and Broadband Voice website “PSTN”, and check for dial tone.
  • Page 9 Helpdesk (0800 028 3228) that the calls over the PSTN rather than over the unit. Settings will be active immediately. the FDX 840 to recognize you pressing a 9, correct ports have been opened up on Broadband Voice VoIP line. 999 / 112 it then routes the call over PSTN but deletes the firewall.
  • Page 10 If you are on the pre-pay a device like the CD1500 is used in on the FDX 840 on a best effort basis are: option, then the first time you do this each conjunction with your chosen handset.
  • Page 11 ONLY possible if there is an alternative PSTN line in the over the PSTN line. This requires a connection from the premises and it is connected to the FDX 840. The LINE port line port on the FDX 840 to a working standard MUST be connected to the PSTN and the FDX 840 MUST master/slave telephone socket.