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Tis Limitations - Honeywell BENDIX/KING KMD 550 Pilot's Manual Addendum

Multi-function display, traffic avoidance function, tcas/tas/tis, for software version 01/13 or later
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Traffic may not be displayed for one or more of the following reasons:
1. Radar site is out of service. If a TIS capable Mode S sensor is not in
service for any reason, TIS is not available. See Figure 13
2. Your aircraft is beyond maximum range of a TIS capable Mode S
site. Maximum range can extend beyond 55 NM up to 100 NM.
However, expect TIS service to 55 NM. See Figure 13 and 14.
Figure 13 - TIS Capable Mode S Radar Sensor Sites
Radar Coverage
Dead Zones
Figure 14 - TIS Functional Range
3. Your aircraft is inside the "Cone of Silence. When near or above
(depending on altitude) the TIS radar site, and out of range another TIS
radar site, TIS data cannot be received. See
Rev 2 Nov/2002
KMD 550/850 Traffic Addendum



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