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Tcas/Tas System Faults; No Data Received; System Test - Honeywell BENDIX/KING KMD 550 Pilot's Manual Addendum

Multi-function display, traffic avoidance function, tcas/tas/tis, for software version 01/13 or later
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If the KMD 550/850 is not receiving
any data from the TCAS or TAS
sensor then the following screen
will be displayed. This could indi-
cate that power is not being pro-
vided to the traffic avoidance
system (e.g. a pulled breaker), a
bad wiring connection between the
display and the sensor, or a failed TCAS or TAS unit.


erly functioning TCAS I/TAS system. An RA will be displayed for a
TCAS II system. If the KMD 550/850 not configured for use of the
Control Knob with the traffic function, this test would be performed using
the appropriate control unit.
If faults are detected in the KMD 550/850 Traffic Module (KAC 504) or
the traffic sensor they will be displayed as shown in Figure 12. This
figure shows all faults. Only actual faults will be displayed.
Figure 11
Rev 2 Nov/2002
A system test can be performed to verify
the traffic avoidance system is working
properly. If the KMD 550/850 is config-
ured to use the Control Knob with the
traffic function, turn the outer knob to
select TST. Figure 11 indicates a prop-
KMD 550/850 Traffic Addendum
Figure 12



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