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Notes On Batteries And Rechargeable Batteries - Silvercrest SKS 4 A1 Operating Instructions And Safety Instructions

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Notes on batteries and rechargeable batteries

Mishandling the batteries can cause fires, explosions, leakages
or other hazards!
■ Do not swallow batteries; there is a risk of chemical burns.
■ Keep new and used batteries away from children.
■ If the battery compartment no longer closes securely, stop
using the product and keep it away from children.
■ If you suspect batteries may have been swallowed or have
got into any part of the body, seek immediate medical help.
■ Chemicals from leaking or damaged batteries can cause skin
irritations when touched. Therefore, use suitable protective
gloves. In event of contact with your skin, rinse off with plenty
of water. If the chemicals come into contact with your eyes,
rinse them thoroughly with plenty of water, do not rub and
consult a doctor immediately.
■ Batteries must never be short-circuited, taken apart, deformed
or thrown into a fire. There is a risk of an explosion.
■ Do attempt to recharge non-rechargeable batteries. There is
a risk of fire and/or explosion!
■ When inserting the batteries, pay attention to the correct
polarity (plus/+ and minus/–).
■ Do not mix different types of batteries.
■ Due to increased risk of leakage, empty batteries should be
■ During extended periods of non-use (e.g. during storage),
remove the batteries to prevent possible damage caused by
battery leakage.
SKS 4 A1
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Table of Contents