Function; Operating The Appliance; Setting Up; Connecting The Power Supply - Silvercrest SKS 4 A1 Operating Instructions And Safety Instructions

Kids' sleep trainer
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The child sleep trainer helps your child get used to a regular sleep-wake schedule.
Visible and audible signals playfully indicate to your child whether it is time to get
up or go to sleep.
The motif disc with two images
that it is time to get up when the awake image lights up and time to sleep when
the sleeping figure lights up.
We recommend using the appliance as a sleep trainer from about 30 months of
In order to use the appliance as a sleep trainer, you must put the appliance into
operation (see section "Operating the appliance"), insert a motif disc (see sec-
tion "Inserting and changing the motif disc"), set the time (see section "Setting
the time"), switch on the alarms (see section "Switching the alarm times") and
set the alarm time mode (see section "Set alarm time mode"). You do not need
to make any further settings if you are satisfied with the default settings.
For younger children (up to 30 months), you can initially use the appliance as
a conventional night light (see section "Switching the night light on/off"). The
motif disc with one image

Operating the appliance

Setting up

The surface on which the appliance is to be installed should be stable and
Alternatively, the appliance can be hung from the hanger
mounting, use a 5 x 25 mm wall plug and a corresponding screw (not includ-
Do not place or hang the appliance near heat sources such as radiators or
other heat-generating appliances.

Connecting the power supply

The appliance can be operated either with batteries or with the mains adapter
If you disconnect the appliance from the power supply, all settings will be
cleared and reset to the factory defaults. We recommend inserting batteries
even if you want to use the appliance in mains operation. This ensures that
no settings are lost in the event of a power failure.
If you use the night light often, we recommend the use of the mains
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is used as a sleep trainer. Explain to your child
is intended for this purpose.
. For safe wall
SKS 4 A1

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents